No more school!

Here we are! We made it to the end of of the summer term!  No more school!  No more nursery!

We’ve dabbled in a few bits and bobs this week but nothing too full on as we’re still finding our feet.

We made coloured ice cubes, and did an experiment to see what would happen if the cubes were mixed up.  Then we made sundials and attempted melt a marshmallow using the sun’s heat with a bowl covered with cling film, it didn’t work though.  The girls did a bit of Mathletics and Reading Eggs on the laptop and then we made shapes and structures using mini-marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  These were very popular and the girls must have sat for near on 2 hours to see who could make the strongest structure.

M with the dyed ice cubes
M waiting patiently for the ice cubes to melt
These showed the girls how sundials were once used and how shadows change length over the course of the day
M helping D to use the mouse on Reading Eggs
D’s shapes

But today we took it easy because both girls were up very late last night: J thought it would be a good idea to take them to the park at 7pm!

This morning I was very impressed because I didn’t think much of what we were talking about was going in but they both told J all about what sundials were for and how people used them long ago before clocks were invented!  They were listening after all!

However, for most of the day there was A LOT of grumpiness around so we watched Madagascar and attempted to have an ‘end-of-school’ party (as per M’s request) but it was an absolute flop as both girls wanted to referee the games.  I didn’t much fancy playing musical bumps on my own.  We still managed to make (and eat) cakes though, along with sandwiches, crisps and party biscuits.

These didn’t last long

There we are then, my first ever post on my first ever blog!


2 thoughts on “No more school!

  1. Your girls are gorgeous. Found out about your blog yesterday and have spent ours since reading about your lifestyle and your great ideas. I have an 8 year-old daughter who has been home educated for a year now after suffering from school anxiety and a 7 year-old who chose to keep going to school until recently : she’s decided she wouldn’t be going back after half-term and we’re delighted ! So thank you for sharing your great ideas, we’ve done “the bubble in the bubble” today and they loved it… Tomorrow, we’ll be trying the “wizard’s brew”…. Can’t wait to try the igloo building too ! Any advice you could give to find certain subjects easily ? I’m not sure where I’ve read about the igloo and can’t seem to be able to find it…


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Didz! Glad to hear you’ve made the leap into home education. Do you mean the igloo made of sugar cubes? We got the idea from a library book and I don’t know what the recipe was for the ‘cement’ anymore but I think royal icing works very well if you want to give that a go? There is a search bar on the top right of my blog (click on the magnifying glass) if you have a specific word in mind, or you can use the tags further down on the right hand side for broader search terms. Hope you have fun with your kids 🙂


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