Is this a day off?

This is the question that D asks most days.  She still hasn’t got used to the fact that there is no more nursery.  I’m sure it will sink in some time soon.  She didn’t really finish nursery properly (she had a tummy bug and after that just refused to go back in) so it just sort of petered out.  It’s a shame she didn’t get to say goodbye to her teachers but she never seemed too keen on them anyway – she accused them of ‘bossing her about’.  Ha ha.

It does feel a bit like we’re on a ‘day off’ all the time and I’m wondering when to start some sort of structure.  Should I do it gently over the holidays so they barely notice that home school has begun or should I give them a complete break, time to forget about school and nursery and then start when schools go back?  I seem to be doing a mixture of the two at the moment: asking them if they want to try an experiment or do maths etc but not pushing it.  This afternoon for instance, M went crazy for Mathletics and got her first bronze certificate while D put on fairy wings on and made a ‘Precious Pie’ in the garden.  I helped her to write up a ‘recipe’ though and got her to think through the sequence of making it so it did have some educational aspect!

It wasn’t all Precious Pies today though: at 5.45am D asked to do her Reading Eggs (she’s now made it to level 2) and then M came down at 6 and got stuck into Mathletics.  I had to force them both off the computers at 7 as I was desperate for breakfast and thought they might be too.

Then I had a shower while M did more Mathletics (can you tell she loves maths?) and D got frustrated with the LeapFrog computer – she’s still got quite a way to go before she gets good mouse control.  We were in Wimbledon by 9.30 and in the coffee shop by 10!  Yeah!

M has started suffering from travel sickness so she had to lie down to recover from a 10 minute drive from Wimbledon.  They both watched Peter Rabbit for a bit while I made some lunch.  D ate the yokes of all 4 eggs I boiled!  She ate tons today, I think she must be having a growth spurt.

After lunch, M spent a good hour learning how to use watercolour pencils with a new watercolour pad she got from a party bag this weekend.  She made a lovely card for J’s birthday which I can’t show yet in case he sees it.  She also decided she wanted to make a ‘Perfect Pie’ like D’s but gave up when D and I asked her to play piggy in the middle.  It was a sign of the girls’ good moods today that no one stomped off in a huff when the ‘piggy’ got the ball.

D LOVES cracking, peeling and slicing her own eggs. Good job since she eats so many of them…
M doing P.E.
M painting with watercolour
The fairy and her Precious Pie
It was so delicious I ate all my share up
Here’s the recipe in case in of you would like to have a go at making your own pie
M’s first Mathletics bronze certificate!! Represents about 4 hours work.

I’m outta here. Tomorrow it’s Saturday which means I’ll get some me-time in the morning when Jeff takes the girls out (I’ll probably spend it cleaning the bathroom and doing research on magnetism.. more on that later).  We’re off to Ascot in the afternoon to see my friend Abi, I can’t wait as I haven’t seen her since January!


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