Questions Questions

The girls ask a lot of questions and a lot of the time sometimes I don’t know the answer.  So I’m going to post their questions I can’t answer on here in the hope that I’ll get around to finding the answers.

Like, why is grass green?  Well… I know it’s to do with photosynthesis but that’s about all I can remember…

A recent question came from M when we were making a sort of oven to melt a marshmallow in the sun.  We covered a bowl in foil, put the marshmallow on a stick, stuck the stick down with blue tack and covered the bowl in cling film.  When I was explaining the process of why the bowl would get warmer, I likened it to the heat getting stuck under Venus’ clouds, making it a warmer planet than Mercury.  So M asked ‘if the heat can get through the cling film, why can’t it get out again?’  Erm…


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