‘This is my Mum, she’s the most boring Mum in the world’

This is what D was cheerfully telling the man at Timpsons today.  She also told him that J is the smelliest Dad in the world, so phew, I’m not a total loser then.

So after Timpsons, The World’s Most Boring Mum took the girls to Costa’s.  They were exhausted after an hour and a half of gymnastics.  M was a bit upset because today she wasn’t put in the same group as D during the activities.  I thought this was a good thing because she was doing stuff appropriate for her age but she disagreed.  However, she had cheered up after giggling at D’s antics in Timpsons so we had a peaceful coffee time.

While M was finishing her triple-choc muffin, I got D reading her Biff Chip and Kipper book we borrowed from the library as part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.  She was soooo proud of herself for reading her first book, and made it all the way through to the last page before having a flop.  Well done D!  M is also super-motivated to read for the challenge and chose Dr Seuss’ ‘Daisy Head Mayzie’ as her book.  It’s just a tad too difficult for her (mainly because there’s a lot of Americanisms in it) but she’s storming ahead with hardly any flops at all!

When we got back home, the girls played outside for a bit but they both got too hot so they decided to come in and continue playing on the ‘boat’ J had set up for them using the sofa this morning.  It’s not great when I want a comfy sit down with a cuppa and I walk into a room strewn with cushions, blankets and sofas turned back against the walls but oh well.  There’s a lot of talk of shipwrecks and pirates in their games recently, I think since watching Swiss Family Robinson in Nottingham.


After this, we did a science experiment!  Not our first, but this one I intend to do properly and get M to record the results in a science journal.  SO this is what led me to my idea: before bed last night, M and I were practising grown-up air kissing.  When she asked me why we do it I said I didn’t know so she guessed that it might be so that we don’t pass germs on!  It sounded like a very good guess to me so then I suggested that the British handshake was probably a terrible way of greeting people as you’re passing germs on that way too. This got me thinking of how I could show the girls all the germs that are on their hands and I remembered this.  So I gave the girls 2 slices of bread each and got them to rub their hands on the first slice before washing their hands and rubbing them again on the second slice.  Then we put the slices into separate labelled bags and M sprinkled a little water into each one.  Then M carefully got another slice of bread and put it straight into a bag without hardly touching it.  Then I put all the bags in a dark cupboard. I didn’t really discuss the rhyme or reason for what we were doing other than a basic ‘to see how much bacteria is on your hands’.  The girls were too knackered so I’ll go into it in more detail when we can see some results.

It’s incredible what an effect gymnastics has had on their energy levels, D in particular.  Though today she managed to do the full 1.5 hours without sitting some of it out.  This afternoon she was good for nothing so I got them both in a very early bath.  M got out first and had a play on Numberjacks Mission to Learn.  Then I coaxed D out with a promise of making mine and J’s pizza… the girls loved doing this.  M tried an artichoke and was keen to try an anchovy but in the end neither wanted to eat the pizza as they are totally put off by tomatoes… sigh.


Had some very interesting conversations with M tonight, but I’ll leave that until tomorrow as I need to go to bed. NOW.


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