Brain-dead Day

I’ve been fasting today and I have felt well and truly brain-dead.  I struggled to explain a Mathletics question to M: in the end I told her she’d have to figure it out herself or do something else.  Oh dear.  I almost fell asleep while doing Reading Eggs with D too.  I think I need to up my calories a bit so that I can survive HEing on fast days!

Gymnastics again today.  Girls seemed very tired before we even set off.  I was half wondering if we should go at all but I thought it would be a shame to miss it.  So the day was generally a quiet one (even J was quiet?!).  After gymnastics, the girls had a quick play on their ‘boat’ (I haven’t been able to sit in the lounge for 2 days now) and then asked to watch Tinkerbell.  It was pouring down with rain until about 4pm today so we did activities inside for the rest of the day.  These included Mathletics, Reading Eggs, LeapFrog computer and lots and lots of painting.  They have both painted a picture for ‘Fun Bum’ which is D’s new name for J.

DSCF2078 DSCF2081

After that we had a game of catch and piggy in the middle in the hallway and then I went upstairs to sort out piles of clothes that are going to various places/people.  M fished around for long-forgotten toys in the toy cupboard while D very sweetly ‘read’ some old board-books to her toy.  And then it was D’s bedtime!  Where did the day go?

I played Jenga with M once D was asleep and then she read to me (at her insistence?!) for 10 minutes.  Tonight is the first night that she hasn’t cried or tried emotional blackmail on me to get me to stay up there with her.  Hoorah, we’re finally seeing progress.

So I was going to tell you about the funny/strange conversations I had with M yesterday before bed…  When we were in the coffee shop yesterday I was looking wistfully at the stationery downstairs in Tesco’s and remembered how a horrible witchy old lady made me empty out my pockets in her shop: I’d been staring at the stationery for so long she thought I had been stealing.  I recounted this story to the girls and M was fascinated by it.  She brought it up again once I had put D to bed last night and said if I had stolen things from the shop, would I have gone to jail?  Do police put things back that have been stolen?  And lots of other questions.  I even found myself explaining what a fence was.  M has always had an interest in the criminal underworld.

The other M story almost made me cry…  We’ve been reading Usborne’s Young Readers Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  I adored this book as a child and I’m so pleased that M loves it too.  There is a bit in the story where the Sara’s father dies thinking he is penniless and his friend has to find her to let her know it was all a big mistake and she isn’t poor at all.  M didn’t understand why the man had to find Sara and I explained that when parents die they usually leave all their money to their children.  M very seriously asked “What would I do?  Would I leave D at home and go out with some money and ask someone else to look after us?”  I could have wept with the sweetness of it.  Not only because she immediately assumed responsibility for looking after D but because she actually thought that would be something she might have to do at some point and she was really preparing herself for it.  She then asked “So how do they [solicitors] know if you’re dead, do they keep checking every hour?”.  Lord love a duck.


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