Viruses and Stepping Stones

We had another lazy day today!  I don’t know what is wrong with us but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s viral.  Cue another question from M about viruses…  I’m beginning to see how people do autonomous home schooling now, I could just sit at the laptop doing research on questions I don’t know the answer to for half the day.

Further to this, my tentative attempts to get M to do some formal work are not working!  Yesterday she was doing 5 times table questions on Mathletics.  She was stubbornly refusing to say the times tables and insisting on counting in 5s instead, even though it was taking her longer to figure out the answer!  So today I made a 5 times table stepping stones game in the hope that it might engage her a little…


It didn’t.

She still insisted on counting in 5s rather than saying the times table itself.  Grr.  Ah well, I think I will drop it for a while as she’s been a bit tearful today so obviously not in the right frame of mind anyway.

I also did some number stepping stones for D which went down quite well.  I got her to jump to 20 in 2s and count backwards from 20 to 1 which she enjoyed but it only lasted about 2 minutes before she wanted to do something else!  I really need to have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

Neither of them are showing an interest in the germs on hands experiment.  M recorded her results yesterday but wasn’t interested in doing it today.  I feel like I need to be sensitive to M’s ‘freedom to quit‘ at the moment.  Having sent her to school for 2 years against her will I think I have some reparations to make before I feel I can start gently pushing her again.  We didn’t go to gymnastics today because both girls got quite tearful at the prospect so I said we wouldn’t go.  Two pairs of big brown eyes were swimming with tears, looking at me a bit disbelievingly that they’d been allowed to stay at home.

So today was a bit of a non-starter.  We had fun picking apples though and M made a nice sign for the box of apples we left outside for passers-by.  And the girls played upstairs with their toys for ages.  I kind of love days like these because they were so rare when M was at school: there was never time for her to look through her toys at her own pace.


This evening I made an ‘I’m bored’ envelope.  It has lots of slips of paper inside that the girls can fish out for ideas of what to do when they’re bored.  M helped me cut up the paper this evening and seemed really pleased with the idea.

I’ve got lots more to say about how weird it is not to have time pressures; how negative reactions towards home-schooling really rile me and how the ONLY negative reactions I’ve had so far have all been from teachers… but that’s a whole other post and I’m off to bed.


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