Little Tinker

Back to chess again today.  It’s a half hour drive from Wimbledon and we’re having nice chats in the car together, me and M.  Today we got to talking about junk modelling, which has always been a favourite of M’s.  I said if she could think of a junk modelling project she’d like to start, she could spend as much time as she wanted on it without me pressuring her to finish it.  She said she wanted to make a ladybird that actually moves!  She was full of ideas of how she would go about it.  I think I might have hit on something she’s passionate about.  It’s funny, I never really took junk modelling seriously but I recently read about James Dyson bemoaning the fact that D&T was being ‘dumbed down’ in the new national curriculum.  So I guess junk modelling is quite important as a pre-cursor to engineering…

When we got back home M immediately said she wanted to play chess with Daddy so we brought a table outside for them to play together.



Meanwhile, I chased D around the trampoline and read a book to her that had just arrived through the post: ‘Ant and Bee’.  I was so pleased with this as I remember reading Ant and Bee books when I was little.  D liked it though it was quite a long story and she got tired of reading half way through.



After that we had dinner and M & D played together in the trampoline.  There seemed to be a lot of chanting going on but I couldn’t tell what the game was.  They were quite difficult to get in the bath but got in when I promised them they could make a ‘potion’.

At bedtime we read Peter Pan (a Ladybird young readers edition) which they both adore.  I really want to take them to Kensington Gardens after schools have started – we’ll have the place to ourselves!

Now I’m off to research motorised ladybirds.


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