Chess and Tea Cups

Had a lovely day today.  I had chats with M in the car on the way to chess: today she had a question about street lamps and how they switch on and off, another one for me to research!  I’ve noticed the number of questions she asks is increasing: hopefully it’s a sign that post-school tiredness is wearing off.  She’s decided she’d like to make a traffic light, as well as a motorised ladybird!  I’m wondering if I can squeeze in some electronics into this project as per this lady’s idea.

M did really well in chess: she came joint 5th with 2 others in a little competition they had at the end of the day.  Considering she only started learning chess a month ago I think this is pretty impressive!  She would have loved to have won a medal or trophy so this may spur her on to do more practice.  She’s already decided she’d like to enter the 1st West Surrey Chess Championships in 6 weeks time!

When we got back, J borrowed our neighbours paddling pool and the girls played in it together for about 2 hours while J did some work and I did a bit of admin.  After dinner I tried M on a chess app for kids (ChessKids) but it was too advanced for her unfortunately.  They both watched Tinkerbell again tonight and afterwards decided they both wanted to do some cutting.  M made an amazing cup out of paper and D wanted to make shapes and colour them in.  She did some very good shapes on her own using a ruler, I was impressed by their neatness!

DSCF2102 DSCF2103 DSCF2109

We’re off to the library tomorrow to get our next 2 books for the summer reading challenge.  This week has whizzed by and we just haven’t got around to reading the first two yet so that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow morning…


3 thoughts on “Chess and Tea Cups

  1. Have you used the Creepy House website? I am sure you have, but if not give it a go. They can create reading lists, wish lists and play games. My 8 year old has really enjoyed using it.
    When he started playing chess we bought a travel chess set which he carried around with him. it really helped. He has an electronic set now so that he can play on his own if we can’t play for any reason.
    Good Luck & great blog.


    1. Hi, which chess set did you buy (if you don’t mind me asking)? I’ve been looking at but I’m not sure if it’s worth buying a subscription or not.
      We haven’t used the Creepy House website yet, but I’ll see if we can have a look over the weekend – it might motivate D a bit!


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