Diyas and Rangoli Patterns

This morning I woke up feeling grotty, I think two broken nights in a row have done it.  I didn’t start feeling back to my pleasant self until after lunch.  However, we did get some things done in the morning: a bit of reading, a bit of Reading Eggs, and lots of playing and putting make-up on.

Before lunch I read the girls our new book on Diwali that had arrived.  We’re planning on visiting Leicester during the Diwali celebrations so I thought they might be interested – they were!  The colours and the lights look so exciting!  I had an idea to make some ‘diyas’ (pronounced ‘dee-yaz’ I think?!) out of some air-drying clay I’ve had in the art box for years…


We also had a go at making some rangoli patterns.  Again, both girls really loved doing this – they’re both so into their art!  I’m thinking that if I can tie any subject matter to art then I will have no problem teaching them anything!  After lunch we hopped on the bus into Wimbledon to buy acrylic paint for our diyas.  The girls chose the colours – aren’t they beautiful?

DSCF2118 DSCF2117

We went to the library after that as I decided that the Dr Seuss book that M wanted to read for her Summer Reading Challenge was too hard.  So I chose a slightly easier read for her and sat in the library and read it.  Then we chose our next books in the challenge.  It remains to be seen whether D will complete the challenge as she has zero interest at the moment and no amount of certificates and medals will sway her!

J came back from work not long after we came home.  The girls were delighted to see him and he set them up in the paddling pool again.  However it seems to have run it’s course already as they were out of it after 15 minutes.  Then the girls watched telly while we treated ourselves to a Lebanese take-away: yum.

All of a sudden both girls decided they wanted to write a letter.  So I got them some paper and pencils and helped D to spell hers out.  It was her bedtime but I didn’t want to discourage her as she was so keen!  It’s really well written but I don’t have a picture of it yet.  M also did a wonderful tessellating pattern of hexagons while I was putting D to bed: I’ll upload that tomorrow too.

I am shattered!  Night x


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