Camp Fire

Today we got out of the house at 9.30 to go to the library – it felt quite hard to get out at such a time but it was 2 hours later than we would have started on a school morning!  We got on the bus to go to the library, mainly to get out of the way of our cleaner.  I thought state schools were starting back today, I was wrong: it’s tomorrow.  The library was packed!  The good news was that as its the end of the holidays there were loads of books to choose from on the shelves.  The girls sat and did an activity book I’d brought along while I hunted for more books for the reading challenge.  Our library is pretty terrible for ‘staged’ reading: there isn’t enough choice and the levels they’ve grouped the books into don’t make much sense.  I don’t mind too much as I find phonics books are so boring, it was just a pain having to sift through them all to find one that D could read for the challenge.  I’m wondering about taking an ‘old-fashioned’ route with D and just read with her until she picks up the words herself.  She loves spotting the word ‘the’ at the moment and says its her favourite word!  I also bumped into an acquaintance while I was in the library, she had heard our home ed news and was really pleased for us – AND she’s an ex-teacher!  The first one I’ve come across with a positive attitude.  Thank goodness they don’t all have closed minds.

We had a couple of hours quiet time at home when we got back.  And they were really quiet!  The girls disappeared upstairs to play, then I made them some lunch and they went upstairs again.  I’ve never known such luxury – I even managed to paint my nails!

A while later our friends arrived and while I chatted to my friend, M’s friend happily played with M & D together.  It was a flying visit though as we had to get out of the house for a trial tennis lesson I had booked for M at our local gym.  I thought it looked like good fun and M gave it a score of 8/10 but she still doesn’t want to pursue it because she wants to spend more time at home.  I might revisit this after Xmas when hopefully she’ll have settled into home-life a bit more.

It seems activities have to be no less than 10/10 to get M out of the house.  Yesterday we joined a nature club that runs on the first Sunday of every month on Wimbledon Common.  M LOVED it!!  So did I!! This month was about making a fire and cooking food on it.

IMAG0493 IMAG0500

We learnt which type of sticks to use, how to arrange the thinner ones into a pyramid to make a chimney and to put the larger ones into a star shape at the bottom.  Then we went to find a long stick to cook our food on and rubbed the stick it with flint to clean the end.  The team leader wrapped bread dough around the sticks and we stuck them in the fire to cook.  Delicious!  Next month is ‘Funghi Foray’.

I’ve been fasting today and I’m amazed I’ve got through it without losing my temper and no major hunger pangs.  I’m exhausted now though – very much looking forward to a big bowl of granola in the morning.





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