Tikkabilla Decor

This morning was another late start!  It was nice for the girls as it meant they could sit at the table and do what they wanted – M chose to start a scrap book (funnily enough she is designing it more like a lapbook with lots of flaps and tab) and D chose to do a collage of a house.

We had a quick snack and then we dropped M off at her best friend’s house (this is a major achievement for M: 6 months ago she wouldn’t have dared go without me).  Then me & D drove to Hobbycraft to pick up a drawer tower that I’d seen on Facebook.  As it happened they were on offer so I ended up buying 3… I think we’ll have to sell the third as I’m not sure where to put it.  They’re very colourful!  Not at all what I envisaged having in our tastefully decorated front room: I was going for a serious, classical feel with Fired Earth tiles in the hearth and posh lighting… Hmm… Now it looks more like the set of Tikkabilla…

When we got back I did a quick sort out to make room for the shelves while D watched a bit of telly.  Then she did her Biff, Chip and Kipper phonics activity book at the kitchen table while I cooked lunch.  I kept trying to explain what she needed to do but she kept batting me away.



D started to wilt in the heat and I said she was like a flower that needed watering.  So she crouched down low and when I put her juice cup in her mouth she unfolded herself until she was a big strong flower!  She’s got such a vivid imagination.  Then she decided she wanted to make mint tea so I set her up with a bucket of soapy water to wash her tea set, then she picked some mint, added water, a bit of sugar and we set a timer to let it brew in the teapot.  I gingerly took a tiny sip of it from the cup I was offered… it was actually quite tasty!



My Arithmasticks order arrived today.  When M returned home she loved looking at all the pieces.  I tried to get her to work out sums with them but I got a few eye rolls because apparently she could do them all in her head.  Silly me.  D wasn’t very interested until I compared them to Numberjacks’ buddy blocks and then she loved putting together all the numbers that make 10 like they do in the Seaside Adventure episode (sorry, I know far more about Numberjacks than a grown-up should).  I’m hoping the Arithmasticks will spark an interest in Maths so fingers crossed I didn’t waste £22.

The girls played in the garden for a while until D’s friend arrived to play.  We didn’t see them all for dust: they played really nicely together upstairs and the mum and I had a good chat in the kitchen.  Her daughter is going to the same school that M was in and that D would have been going to.  I tried really hard to sound positive about it, it IS a nice school, I just feel that the Head’s reaction and attitude towards me has soured my whole experience of the place.

When D’s friend had gone home I started on the girls’ dinner and then the girls helped to make my dinner.  There were a few arguments (as usual) about who was going to weigh what first but generally they got on with it and sorted all my ingredients out for a pasta sauce.

This evening I had complete refusal to get ready for bed from both girls: at the moment M gets ready early too so that she can listen to D’s bedtime story (she then has her own later).  They both ganged up on me so I gave up and left them to it!  However, half an hour later I could tell D was getting tearful (although she was NOT tired) so I carried her upstairs but she point blank refused to get undressed.  What a monkey!  I calmly told her that she had a choice: either she got undressed and I would stay up until she’s asleep, or I would go downstairs now and she could take herself to bed.  She chose the latter.  Grr.  It was interesting to see though that this totally panicked M (she still hates being left to go to sleep on her own) and she managed to persuade D to change her mind.  And although she was NOT tired she was asleep within 5 minutes…


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