Tears and Arithmasticks

The day started nice and relaxed.  For some reason M woke up an hour early so we were all dressed and ready by 7.30.  While I was having a shower M and D played ‘babies and mammas’ (their favourite game) and they played on the LeapFrog computer and with Arithmasticks.  Part of the game was M as Mamma, teaching her baby (D) how to count!  Arithmasticks have been popular today – £22 well spent!



I had an appointment with my chiropractor today and I’d booked M in as well because she’d been complaining of a pain in her back and knee.  Turns out we were both suffering with the same problems: our hips were out of line and our shoulders were solid with knots.  Ahh the stresses of home education… I could go on to tell you about a pain in the neck I had… but I won’t.

Today was a wash-out activity wise for  M.  She couldn’t settle to anything because she was so tired.  D did some lovely things.  She started writing a little story about a rainbow but this had to be abandoned for HER FIRST SWIMMING LESSON!!  She did amazingly well: jumping into the water and swimming with just a noodle to float her.  I was very proud!  I thought I could spend half an hour of quality time chatting to M while D swam but she was being a big grump so that was a no-go.

There was A LOT of telly watching today unfortunately.  D tends to watch for an hour or so in the morning and then rarely after that during the day unless she’s tired in which case telly is the only solution.  M barely watches at all, just the odd Tinkerbell film.  Today they must have watched 3 HOURS OR MORE! AND ate both their meals in front of it.  I’m not proud.  But it had to be done.

Just as we reached D’s bedtime, she asked me how to write down all the numbers that add up to 10!  She had been watching Numberjacks today and playing with Arithmasticks and it was so lovely that she was taking learning into her own hands so her bedtime was delayed to do this lovely piece of work:


Then she wanted to figure out number bonds to 20 and write those out too!  Unfortunately she got a bit tired though so we went to bed.  I suggested to M that she went to bed early and if she did I would wait upstairs with her until she went to sleep.  She did the biggest smile I’d seen all day.


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