Christmas has begun…

Yesterday we had our first HE meet-up!  It was run by ESHEG (East Surrey Home Ed Group).  We met a few other families and I barely saw the girls as they ran about outside and I chatted to the other mums.  It was nice to be with other people who have been HEing for years: much wiser and calmer than I am feeling about it right now.  M was ecstatic because she made a new friend!

Before we went, the girls decided they were going to have a Christmas Fair.  There’s been a lot of talk about Christmas lately, they’ve even started their Christmas lists (it’s writing practice so I’m not complaining).  So M made a map of how to get to the fair and D wrote an advert.  It was all very cute and as usual, the game was all in the planning rather than the fair itself so once they’d finished their map and poster they went off to do something else.


Last night I was exhausted (hence no post yesterday).  M’s electronic chess set had arrived though so after D was asleep I helped her get to grips with it.  We ended up playing for 1.5 hours!  It meant that I went to bed at the same time as M, which she was very pleased about.  She would love to win a prize at the next chess competition so we’re going to put in quite a bit of practice over the next few weeks to improve her skills.  Thank goodness for that chess set as I really don’t have a chess brain!


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