D loves Maths!

The day started off busily at 7am!  Well, D and I had already been up for an hour watching telly and generally waking up but then I suggested she had some breakfast and started Reading Eggs.  M got up and had a quick breakfast and then read her 5th library book for the Summer Reading Challenge while D continued with Reading Eggs.

Then D had a quick ride around on her bike while M finished off her book and then I wrote some simple sums out for D to work out on her Arithmasticks while M worked on Mathletics.  I’ve given up asking D to do maths online, she really isn’t interested.  But she loved doing the sums with her Arithmasticks and even said ‘I LOVE MATHS!’ while she was doing it!  M struggled with Mathletics this morn as the subject content seems to have jumped to assuming you would know all your times tables?!  So I need to get M doing the boring bit of learning her times tables by rote before continuing with Mathletics.


I also managed to get D to (happily) read her 5th library book and then we were all done by 9!  The girls got dressed while I started doing a desperately needed tidy up.  There seems to be never-ending piles of stuff!  I need to get the girls into the habit of tidying up after themselves – maybe a job to do at the end of the day?

After that the girls ate their snack of olives and insisted on watching Tinkerbell – The Lost Treasure… in French.  Surprisingly, D fell asleep during the film so while she napped, M wrote a review of a book I had read to the girls a few nights ago: an Usborne Young Reading version of The Canterville Ghost.  She made a lovely job of it and really enjoyed doing it.


D woke up in time for lunch but barely ate anything, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s about to come down with a bug.  We went out to the post office, partly to post letters the girls had written to their friends, and partly so that I could send my home education form off to the LEA by registered post.  That felt quite momentous!!!  D was utterly miserable while we were out so when she got back I put her in front of the telly again.  She tried to make a collage but she said she was too tired.  Something is definitely wrong with her.

I was determined to start our ‘term’ today but we only managed about 2 hours of structured work in total.  Not bad for a first day I guess.  I really wanted to do some art and craft this afternoon but D was in such a bad mood I didn’t fancy starting something she wouldn’t be able to cope with.  On the plus side though, both girls spent so long playing with their toys upstairs that I got lots of tidying and admin done.

This evening there was a bit of a change in mood.  I had left them playing upstairs while I made some maths sheets for D to do tomorrow.  D wandered in and saw them and insisted on starting them straight away.  The first sheet was learning odds and evens by colouring in a 1-100 number grid.  She got the hang of that straight away!  While she was doing that I did some research on worksheets for Peter and the Wolf for our first music lesson tomorrow.  I bought the CD and book of it a while ago.  I came across a little Disney film of it on YouTube and both girls were riveted, they even screamed when the wolf came on!  So we will definitely be doing something around Peter and the Wolf tomorrow.

D insisted on counting to 100 using her counting poster before she would lie down in bed tonight.  I think she has discovered a love of maths!  Just like her sister and Dad… but not me unfortunately.


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