Our M is back!

The girls started slowly today while I did a mass tidy up all over the house (though looking at it now, 12 hours later, you can’t really tell) and then we got going on varnishing our diyas, don’t they look great?  I lit them while the girls ate their dinner (I know, a bit early for Diwali but hey) and the girls were delighted.


After we’d finished them the girls decided they wanted to make cards for J to tell him how much they missed him when he went to work, it was very sweet.  As usual, M spent an hour on hers while D spent 5 minutes, if that.  So I gave D some cutting to do to make a little planets booklet.  She was very pleased with it once it was stapled together, next we’ll write a fact she knows about each planet.

Then we had an early lunch as I planned to go into Wimbledon to get to the library, then buy some workbooks and take them to David Lloyd to do a bit of work there.  It was lovely and quiet in the library and we got the full attention of one librarian who asked the girls lots of in-depth questions about the books they’d read for the Summer Reading Challenge.  I was a tad nervous to tell the truth as it felt like I was the one being tested on how well we’d read together!  Thankfully, both girls responded really well – phew!  The librarian did a sweet little ceremony when she gave the girls their medals.  They got quite a bit of attention from a few of the librarians who all remembered them coming previously during the reading challenge.  It was lovely to see how welcome the girls were made to feel.  Its nice to think this could continue and develop during our homeschooling years.


Then we headed to WHSmith to choose a workbook each.  I thought it would be nice to choose a fun one to make it feel special when we use them while we’re out and about.  So we chose the age appropriate levels for each girl from the Gold Stars series.  The girls were chuffed to have lots of gold stars to stick on.  Then we drove over to David Lloyd, parked ourselves in the coffee shop and the girls got to work on their books.  After the girls had done a few pages we went swimming and then M and I stayed in the pool while D had her lesson.  It upset D very much to see us two having fun together while she had to stay with the teacher.  I’ll have to have a rethink next week as to what we can do as I don’t want to put D off having lessons when she’s barely begun to learn to swim.  The swimming teacher is very nice and was encouraging D to have a go at putting her face in the water, D just said ‘no thanks’.  Ha ha.

I noticed another change in M today, and now I think about it, its been happening for the past few weeks but was so subtle that I didn’t notice: she doesn’t wake up grumpy anymore!  She’s had morning grumps as far back as I can remember so it’s really lovely to see her sunny face when she comes downstairs.  She’s the sweetest, gentlest, most generous girl and it’s great to have her back again.


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