Dem Dry Bones

We cracked on with developing our life sized drawings of the girls this morning.  M spent ages drawing clothes on hers and even stuck stars on the socks to match her own.  D coloured in and cut out the organs and stuck them on in the right places.  While this was going on I thought it would be nice to have some music in the background so put on Peter and the Wolf.  M did really well at spotting the instruments and said she loved it!

D’s knowledge of the body is very advanced, whereas M’s is only sketchy as she has shown minimal interest in our See Inside Your Body book.  So I read the book to both girls on the sofa so that M had an understanding of what the different organs did before she started to stick them on her drawing.  Then we had a look at the Usborne Human Body sticker book but I only read the first two pages as it was really for older children.  M stuck her stickers down and D said she wanted the ‘dem dry bones’ song on YouTube so we played a clip from The Singing Detective.  I always find it a bit creepy but the girls are fascinated by it.  D then spent ages carefully writing a label for each organ.

This morning was so full on I had to insist on a break at 10am so I could sit down with a coffee!  Neither girl was interested in stopping so I had to continue spelling ‘oesophagus’ to D and M carried on sticking.  I felt wiped out by lunch time and the girls wanted to watch Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure (surprise, surprise!).  I relented so I could sit down peacefully with a cuppa.

We did have plans to meet other HE families at Kew Gardens this afternoon but the weather was so bad this morning that I cancelled it – we’re alright with a few showers but not a downpour!  I wish we hadn’t cancelled now as it was just over-cast in the afternoon and when I started to feel like I needed to get out, D was dead against it.  They started to play a lovely super-hero game using blankets as capes so I left them to it.  Tomorrow I will force them both out the door first thing to get some exercise.

A big achievement for today was D managing to learn her ‘life skill’ of doing up zips – for some reason she was very motivated to do it and insisted on zipping up her body warmer over and over.  Hooray, job done!

And would you believe it, D was still looking for something to do while I made dinner so I got her started on a little history project I thought of.  I want to get them understanding what ‘history’ is and a sense of time and years.  So I thought they could start on their own ‘history’ first and then their closest family and then we could use the stairs to record birth dates and historical events in chronological order… I’m sure I’ve seen this on a home edder’s blog but can’t remember where…

We ended the day by playing Lego together and then the girls jumped up and down on the bed .  They were so chummy that D didn’t want M to go downstairs at bedtime so I’ve left M ‘minding’ D while she goes to sleep!?


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