Investigating Bubbles

My parents have been visiting for the past few days, we were all mega excited when they arrived, the girls especially so.  There has been a lot of love in the house :).

The girls were meant to start a judo class this Saturday but J got the time wrong so they’ll start properly next week.  He then took them swimming for HOURS in the afternoon and I had time to chat with my Mum and cook dinner without interruptions.

On Sunday, J worked from home while we took the girls to Wimbledon Common again.  It was a lot less wet this time and the girls are definitely getting more stamina for these walks.  For some reason the girls weren’t very friendly towards each other for most of the day: it was really unusual and was clearly making both of them irritable.  Very strange.  After dinner I suggested they go and do their ‘exercises’ on our bed and suddenly they were friends again while Daddy pretended to attack them.  My Mum did the girls’ bedtime stories so I got a lovely long evening of not doing very much at all!


Today was quite busy, although this morning my Mum was commenting that we would have been leaving for school at 7.30am instead of sitting in our dressing gowns drinking tea.  However we were out of the house by 9am and walking to the coffee shop in Wimbledon.  We love the coffee shop!  We all enjoyed our coffee and treats and then got the bus back home again.  It’s my dream to be able to walk in and out of Wimbledon without wasting money on bus fares and at the rate the girls are going it won’t be too long.

After that we set to work on re-organising the toy cupboard by moving shelves and drawers around.  The bedroom looks SO much tidier now and we moved our enormous box of books downstairs into the lounge to encourage the girls to pick out books more often.  I’d really like to get a couple of bean bags too to make a bit of a reading corner for them.

After lunch we set off for Chelsea to join the Fulham/Putney Home Ed group.  They were starting a Crest Star session and this week it was all about bubbles.  The girls loved blowing the bubbles!  I’m not sure how much of the science stuff went in though so I might back it up with something else this week (if we find the time!).  They both got a sticker and a badge towards their Star award.

We headed for home and the girls were rather tired so the telly went on, although D chose to ‘read’ a book on my tablet before bed and M got out her cross-stitching.

All in all a full on but great day!


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