Nothing Went According to Plan

My parents left today at 9am and we were very sad indeed, M in particular.  It took some persuading that she was better off doing something to distract herself instead of moping about at home.

So we went off to David Lloyd for a swim.  Strangely, there were an awful lot of elderly ladies in the pool, which was very unusual as we tend to have the place to ourselves.  Some booming music started up and I soon realised they were all there for an exercise class.  So we got out and showered before heading to the café to do some work books.  We spent about an hour in the café before it became too noisy to think – honestly, these old ladies!  Nevertheless, D got some really good writing done and M learnt about nouns and adjectives and did some beautiful handwriting.

When we got back I felt as if I was starting to wilt and the girls were irritable too so we had lunch and D asked to watch the Numberjacks which is so educational she could watch it for hours and I’d be happy.  While this was going on, M watched a bit, made a baby Plasticine duck and cut out the autumn leaves we made last week.

I had a couple of projects in mind for this afternoon but both flopped because I didn’t have the right ingredients/resources.  I could do with forward planning a bit more – lesson learnt.  So instead we did all sorts of bits and pieces: M finished off the organs on her body picture and played with her toys upstairs, while D took a few photos, played on the piano and worked with her Arithmasticks and a wipe-clean book I rediscovered.  She did subtractions for the first time and did very well at it.


Then D found the marshmallows and asked if she could make a hexagon with them.  So I set them up with the cocktail sticks and some of my shape templates I made a few weeks ago.

It was a strange day as nothing went as planned but I still feel that we achieved and learned a bit.

Our day might have been a bit random but you could also call it freedom.  I can’t help but compare each day to a school day: there are so many benefits to home education and freedom is a big one.  Freedom both in our ability to choose what and when we learn (to a certain extent!) and freedom for the girls to be themselves, which neither of them felt they were able to do in their nursery and school environments.  Hooray for home ed!


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