Happy to Go Out

Last night, M finished putting the organs on her body and labelling them.  It looks great!  Next to do is create some skeletons and get them to label the bones.  I was struggling to think of a good and effective way to do it and M came up with a great solution.  I’m finding more and more that she’s applying amazing logic to things and solving problems for me.

For some reason we were all up and downstairs at 6am this morning.  The girls were in good moods though and J went to work a bit late so they got lots of time romping with him.

Once J had gone to work, their older cousin came over to take them to the park.  It was great for me as I got loads of time to myself to catch up on emails and blogs I like to read.

When they got back we set to work on our personal history pages and once they were finished it was time for the most important part of the day – coffee time!  Today I thought I’d try the girls out on a very rich but healthy hot chocolate. The recipe says that cashew nuts are high in Niacin, which makes you happy – well it certainly made us happy!  M gave it 10/10.  Great fun and easy to make too.

I thought we’d better take it steady today, particularly as D had a bad night’s sleep, so the girls settled down to watch Peter Pan.

I then printed out a few photos for our new staircase timeline.  The plan is to start with our family and a few other family members so the girls get a feel for dates and years.  Then we’ll add historical events as and when we cover them.  Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and Peter Pan being written were the first to go on.  Initially I thought the girls weren’t interested in the project but once they could see it coming together on the staircase they got really into it.


Yes, I know our hallway needs decorating.

The girls played upstairs for a while until it was time to go to their swimming lessons.  This week I decided to stay out of the pool while D was having her lesson because last week she seemed so upset because M & I were playing together.  Now I don’t think that was the case as she was utterly miserable for most of the lesson!  It could have been tiredness though and I explained to the teacher that she hadn’t had much sleep the night before so she took it easy with her.

M also had a one-on-one lesson today: I was hoping to just pay for monthly lessons to keep her swimming skills going but after the lesson the tutor advised me that she needs more frequent lessons otherwise she’ll just forget from one lesson to the next.  So afterwards I paid for a group swimming session for this term.  M also said that she’d like to start tennis lessons now!  I’m so pleased as she showed real skill during her trial lesson.  It also shows how comfortable she has become with leaving the house: when she was back from school she never wanted to go out.

On our way out of David Lloyd we bumped into a Mum from M’s old school.  She was asking how we were getting on and M made me very proud by happily chatting about how much she loved being home schooled!


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