Gloop, Glorious Gloop

Another bad night with D, boo.  Think both girls have got a bit of a tummy bug as both were complaining of tummy ache last night.  However, D’s mood was much improved today but I still took it easy, knowing she’s now had 2 bad nights in a row.


So this morning I left the girls to play while I showered and dressed.  Then M asked if she could do some Mathletics.  I explained to her that we had stopped because it seemed to assume knowledge of all your times tables.  So she set to work learning her 2 times table.  I was pretty sure she knew this already from Year 1 but I was still surprised when I tested her and she rattled off the answers with super-speed.  I gave her £1 as a reward and said I will test her on her 3 times tables tomorrow morning.  M asked for a mock first.  Lol.

D did about 20 minutes of Reading Eggs before having a flop over the reading book at the end of the level.  I’m really surprised by what they expect them to be able to read, and amazed that D is rising to the challenge!  I think her reading is pretty impressive for a 4 year old too.

D then ate a hearty meal 2 hours after breakfast, I’m thinking it was because she was so tired?  M had a snack and then we left for our sports group meet up in Sutton.  They meet every fortnight in a sports hall and do an hour’s street dance, then a 15 minute break, followed by an hour of whatever team sport them choose.  Unfortunately today the dance teacher was away on holiday so it was just team sports today.  M had a great time though: she did basketball skills for half an hour and then half an hour of tennis.  Nothing could persuade D to join in.  The tiredness didn’t help but she isn’t very good at joining in new things.  I got to chat to a few of the Mums there who were lovely.  I’m really looking forward to going back in 2 weeks.

D was ready to sleep by the time we got back so I put a film on and both girls snuggled on the sofa under a blanket.  I spent the time trying to find M a new winter coat that she likes and that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Needless to say I was unsuccessful.

D didn’t nap in the end but the film seemed to have revived her and both girls wanted to make cards for people they missed!  There were some lovely creations and a lot of concentration for the task in hand.  While they were doing that I had a browse through a Science Experiments book I bought a while ago and decided it was about time I bought in some things to get experimenting.  Now I need to source copper wire, electrical wire, torch bulbs and magnets…

Over dinner I talked to the girls about an experiment I’d seen to do with lungs – they were very interested and were even up for walking out in the rain to buy plastic bottles.  So we did!  Bearing in mind that by the time we were actually doing the lung experiment it was 5.30pm and D goes up to bed at 6.30pm so is usually hopeless at this time of day, but she was so excited!

So we put a full bottle of water (with cap on) upside down into a large bowl of water and then took the cap off.  Then we put a bendy straw up into the bottle and blew down it.  The girls were fascinated, not only by how the water stayed in the bottle while it was upside down but also how the more they blew into the bottle, the more the water drains out.  We did the experiment twice and then I left them with the straws and the bowl of water.  Honestly, who needs toys when you have water and straws…

DSCF2322 DSCF2320

Then I remembered I had an old box of cornflour in the cupboard and we made gloop!  We mixed 2 parts cornflour to 1 part water and added some green food colouring.  It’s makes the weirdest stuff ever!  If you squeeze the mixture it feels solid but as soon as you open your hand it dribbles through your fingers.  The girls LOVED it, M especially.  She wanted to write this in the blog:

Today we went to Tesco’s and we bought a bottle of water and we did an experiment with it.  We put it in a bowl of water and we blew in a straw and it went bubbly.  And we did another experiment about gloop and we put in to a bowl some cornflour and some water and a green dye and we mixed it in.  And we had a play with it and it was gluey and squeaky sort of.  And later on we put some yellow dye in and it made a sort of yellow but a little bit dark.  It went all hard and I created a waterfall and Babba squeezed some and it went through her fingers into my hands.  And then I squeezed it into her hands.  And then she wrote the boring blog.

DSCF2329 DSCF2330

And that was the end of a very long, but very fun day.


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