Our Pulley

Today started in full on mode, I decided to make today an art and DT day and the first thing I did was put up a simple pulley system on the stairs using postage string, a cable hook and an old bucket.  The girls quickly worked out how to pull it and passed ‘surprises’ to each other throughout the day!

M then decided to do her Top Model activity book which involves drawing a dress and then cutting patterned to fit.  It’s horrendously girly but it involves some sort of designing so I let her get on with it.  Meanwhile, D painted a rainbow in watercolour.


Then I thought it would be nice to do some collage with pasta.  So we set to work dyeing some old macaroni I found in the cupboard.  We left them to dry and the girls painted pictures to be decorated with the pasta when it had dried.


The kitchen looked like a tip so I spent an hour cleaning it while the girls played upstairs.  Then the sun got hotter and hotter so I called them to play outside for a while and I had a cup of coffee and gathered my wits about me.  They’re the best of friends again today thank goodness.


The postman delivered letters for the girls from Grandma today, with stickers!  The girls were so quiet for half an hour while they made little pirate scenes with them.  Then I gave them a few bits of the dyed macaroni and some postage string to make necklaces with.  I could hear them singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ while they worked so I put The Sound of Music on the telly.  I still can’t get over that we can watch a film in the middle of the day and still have tons of time to do other stuff in the day.  It works well for me as I can work on other things without interruption.

After the film had finished we had dinner and then I got the glue out and the girls spent the next 2 HOURS gluing macaroni to their pictures.  I sat in another room to do some work and I could hear lots of lovely ‘I love yous’ going on between them and a little bit of The Beverley Sisters song ‘Sisters’ was being sung too, so cute!

D was late going to bed and I could tell the usual shenanigans were about to start so I said that if both of them got in their pyjamas and brushed their teeth RIGHT NOW then they could pull their own bedtime milk up in the pulley.  Worked like a charm.


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