The Spying Sausages

J kept the girls busy this weekend with Judo, parks, a visit to Nanny’s and swimming.  It was wonderful for me because it meant I had a good block of time to get to grips with a few things.  I found that if I only have an hour or so I just faff about.

So Saturday morning saw me in Maplin for the first time in my life.  I got quite excited over a reel of copper wire and also bought some electrical wire and torch bulbs for an electricity project I have in mind.

J went out mid-afternoon so I got the girls making bubble wands which I’d seen on this blog.  Then we made a bubble mixture which I read about in my new Science Experiments book by Robert Winston.  We then left the mixture to sit for 2 days and had a go with it today.  It didn’t work quite as well as we’d hoped, the mixture seemed too heavy and popped very easily once it had left the wands.  However, it was extremely bouncy and the girls and good fun watching it bounce inside the wands.

I also made these by wrapping silver pipe cleaners around star shaped biscuit cutters.  They kept the girls amused for about 1 minute.


Then, to continue with our body project, I used an experiment from my Usborne 100 Science Experiments book whereby you simulate what happens to the diaphragm when your lungs expand – the pink balloon is the diaphragm and when you pull it’s knot, the red balloon (the lung) expands – clever eh?


There were a few shenanigans going on between the girls by this time, both of them getting competitive and unfriendly.  I tried to distract M by showing her a reflex test with a ruler but while we were talking we noticed a little face peeping out from behind the shed – D was spying on us!  This made us all laugh and M decided she wanted to be a spy too so they both went off on a secret mission in the garden with binoculars and walkie-talkies.  It was very cute and a bit rubbish – they were talking so loud there was no need for walkie-talkies.

D then decided she HAD to write down all the letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case??  Don’t know where this idea came from but I’m not complaining!  She did a really really good job of it.  Meanwhile, M was busy creating letters and cards to give to her cousins when she next sees them in Nottingham.


Then it was time to go to our Fulham/Putney home ed group.  Unfortunately the sign language teacher had cancelled this week but the girls had a lovely time making things with clay, Bendaroos and a magnet set.

We got back home at 4pm and the girls had a quick play in the garden and then sat down to watch, yes, you guessed it: Tinkerbell.  I think that the Tinkerbell magic might be wearing off though as both girls weren’t glued to it like usual and started playing a game before it had finished.  Fingers crossed!

After dinner, the girls wanted to play on Splat Square and then D played with her Arithmasticks for a while and M continued tinkering with Bendaroos.  Then another spying game started – I could hear lots of loud whispers and shuffling feet in the hall while I was spied on.

D was late going to bed today – she was half undressed and insisting on counting from 1 to 100 on her counting poster in the bedroom.  The girls’ eagerness to learn never ceases to amaze me.


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