We’re Following the Leader…

We decided to have a day out today and I thought that with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell being so popular at the moment that Kensington Gardens would be a great place to go.

Knowing that it’s a very large place, I printed out a map of it but it was so detailed that I had to print it out across 6 pieces of paper.  I gave M the job of putting the pieces together and working out our route across the park.  She loved it and got very involved in trying to make a route so we could see all the statues.

The day started out foggy but by the time we left the sun was starting to break through.  It took us 50 minutes on the tube and when we came out into the daylight the weather was beautiful!  We entered the park near some gorgeous fountains and walked along the Serpentine towards Peter Pan’s statue.  The sun was low and bright but the air was still quite crisp.  The girls were a bit dismayed that the statue didn’t look like the Peter Pan they knew, but they loved looking at the animals around the base and M had to be persuaded that it wouldn’t be a good idea to climb up it.

Then we did a HUGE walk down to the Royal Albert Hall and back up to the Diana Memorial Playground.  It took us about an hour and a half to get there with M reading her map along the way.  The girls did really well although D did need a lie down on a bench and then a carry for the last few minutes.  We had a drink (and a much needed coffee) and then played for an hour in the playground.  The girls LOVED it – there’s a pirate ship, wigwams, a stream, sand, a high walkway and lots of secret passages in the bushes.  When D saw the wigwams she shouted ‘Look, Mum!  That’s where the red-skins live!’.  How racist can you get?!  In her defence she’d learnt it from the Peter Pan Disney animation.  Bit embarrassing.

I had a bit of a fright today as D disappeared while we were in the toilets.  We found her playing merrily on the walkways.  I was furious and gave her a good telling off.  She didn’t seem to realise what she’d done (and this is the 3rd time she’s done it) so I made her sit on a bench until she could explain to me why she mustn’t run away.  She’s a stubborn sausage so sat there looking very cross and refusing to talk to me.

We then left the park to get some lunch and after D had eaten a bacon sandwich and chocolate coin she told me she mustn’t run away because it isn’t safe.  I gave her a big hug and she said ‘why are you hugging me so tightly?’ and I said ‘because I love you and I don’t want to lose you’ and then she got off her stool and gave me a big hug back and M joined in too.

After I’d wiped away my tears we walked back to the park and spent another hour playing there.  They could have played on and on but knowing we had a long journey back I decided it was time for us to go.

D fell asleep on the tube and I forced her to sit upright to wake her up again as I couldn’t have carried her home with my bag and coats too.  Of course as soon as we walked in the door the girls got a new lease of life and went running around in the garden.  I had to peel their clothes off them at bath time.  I think they’ll sleep well tonight!


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