Lets Play Schools!

There was a lot of playing going on this morning – the girls favourite game for the last few days has been schools (how ironic).  M sits D down and asks her the answers to sums and D has to work out the answer using her Arithmasticks.  What a great game!  So we didn’t get going on home schooling until gone 10.  First of all we made some fudge – I saw a recipe for it on Mumsnet.  Then M said she was ready to be tested on her 3 times tables (although she wanted a mock, not a real test).  She only got one answer wrong but still got in a huff about it.  The trouble with M is that most things come far too easily to her so as soon as she comes across something challenging she finds it difficult to cope with.  She was in a grump for about half an hour until I dug out a times tables sticker book which cheered her up immensely.  While this was going on, D was on Reading Eggs.  I am flabbergasted by her skill: today she read ‘The Queen likes to sit on her big throne’.  Impressive!  And it’s SO much more interesting than ‘the cat sat on the mat’ type books.


I then got them started on a cutting and sticking activity about saturated and unsaturated fats.  We only got as far as the cutting though as I realised it was 1pm and we hadn’t had any lunch.  While I was cooking lunch the girls sat at the kitchen table and we talked about all the different coloured foods we could think of.  Then we ate our yellow corn on the cobs.

After the lunch the girls played with the pulley and then time flew and we had to go out for their swimming lessons.  D was sobbing and was desperate not to go so I promised I would sit near her at the side of the pool and this seemed to do the trick.  She did really well and managed to jump fully into the water.  After D it was M’s turn: M has now decided that she didn’t want swimming lessons after all and didn’t look too pleased about being there but she did very well at learning the breast stroke anyway.

The girls were playing until 7pm today – the evening was so warm I thought we’d better enjoy it while we can!



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