Lazy Day

Today was one of those days when I have to just give up on any plans I had made and just go with the flow.  I had planned to go to Kingston to buy a Christmas tree (it’s never too early) but D was under the weather and M didn’t really want to get in the car again so we called it off.

I made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Candy Bar (very healthy but fatty – delicious) with the girls helping me to measure out the ingredients.  D then spent ages watching Numberjacks and playing with her Arithmasticks. M carried on making her Christmas decoration with the enormous fir cone she found yesterday and looked up facts on the internet using her Rice Krispie Discovery Cards.


M played in the garden a little bit but generally it was a VERY quiet day.  I took full advantage and did some crap-clearing (a seemingly endless task in our house) and some lesson planning on Mondrian.

At 3pm we went to meet D’s best friend in our local park.  The girls got a good run-around and the evening sun was gorgeous.  What a lazy day!


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