Big Ears

We’ve got two weeks left until M’s chess competition so I got M started on chess at 9am this morning after the girls had had a play.  D chose a book she wanted to read from our big box in the lounge and we sat on the sofa together – D was very good at reading the words I picked out for her and managed to sound out some more difficult ones too.

Then D did about half an hour of Reading Eggs and M did a bit of cutting and sticking for her India lapbook.  They both soon tired of that so I got them to carry on with their various letters and cards they’ve been making for friends and family.  D finished hers and we put it in an envelope ready to post.  M decided the ones she’d done weren’t good enough (she’s such a perfectionist!) so wanted to do a watercolour card instead.

By this time it was 11am and I needed to get lunch ready as we were going out at 12 so I put the telly on and ‘Get Well Soon’ was on – today it was all about diabetes and very related to our nutrition project so I left them to watch while I cooked lunch.

After lunch we headed off to our Fulham/Putney group.  Today there was a Bionic Ear Show on – it was fascinating!  Though I have to say I think M & D were a little young to absorb all the facts.  It was all about the inner workings of the ear and how to look after them to prevent hearing loss.  D knows quite a lot about ears from reading Usborne’s See Inside Your Body but even she had had enough after half an hour.  However bored the girls were I was pleased to see how well behaved they were throughout.  We stayed to play for an hour afterwards but then left – the parking fees are so horrendous I can’t bear to stay longer than 2 hours!


The girls had a play in the garden when we got back but came in after 15 minutes wanting something to do – they seem to have a very short attention span today!  M had the great idea of playing schools again so the Arithmasticks came out but that game didn’t last long either.


A tip from another home-edder was to casually leave things lying around that the girls might be interested in, which they then hopefully will take an interest in – it works a treat with M.  On Saturday she saw a print out of Mondrian pictures I had left on the table and immediately wanted to know what it was.  When I explained that it was a new project we’d be starting on she was over the moon!  So today when I suggested doing a Mondrian picture she was dancing around the room chanting “Mondrian!  Mondrian!”  Ha ha.

I got D to cut out the shapes she wanted from blue, yellow, red and black card and then stick them onto a white piece of card like a Mondrian picture.  She really took to the idea and did a really good picture!  I thought M could make hers a little more accurately and suggested she measure out her shapes using a ruler on the white card and then measure and cut out the same sized shape on the coloured card.  She came up with a much better idea and decided to draw a grid on each card and then she could just cut to the size she wanted more easily – clever girl.

IMAG0617 IMAG0616

While we were waiting for the glue to dry the girls had a bath.  D had a melt-down because she hadn’t got in or out the bath first (?!) – I’m not sure where all that came from but I ended up leaving the room to calm myself down as she was sitting in the bath and trying her hardest to cry as loud as she could.  In the end, M calmed her down (I was too angry to try!) and when D was dry and dressed, M very sweetly read her a story and played Snakes and Ladders with her after promising that she’d let D win.  Tut.  I do feel D takes advantage of M’s generosity a bit too much sometimes but if I try to intervene they both gang up on me so I just leave them to it now.


Anyway, the Snakes and Ladders game ended with D cheating.  Honestly I don’t know what is wrong with her today!  So I got them back at the table to finish their Mondrian pictures.  We’re very pleased with them!

IMAG0622 IMAG0625



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