The Grumps

In one way or another we all had the grumps today.

It was the first morning in months that M hadn’t come downstairs with a smile on her face.  It gave me a bit of a shock to see she looked out of sorts, tired and down in the dumps.  She used to look like that every morning but it’s a while since I’ve seen it!

She watched a bit of telly but seemed to get irritated by anything D did and then started to get tearful so I sat her on my knee which helped her calm down a little, but not much.  When I told her we had our dance and sports group meet up today she didn’t look up for it at all so I said we’d leave it and try again in a fortnight.

I was starting to feel a little despondent as yet again my plans for the day had gone awry.  So we decided to go to the coffee shop and see the new Christmas trees in John Lewis to cheer ourselves up!  We all got dressed and then I went downstairs to tidy the kitchen and the girls started doing a show with their Disney Princess dolls.  I went up to watch it when I had finished my jobs – it was very sweet but unfortunately all based around the fact that women can’t marry each other so one of the princesses had to become a man before they could be together!  Oh dear.  I had to do a little correcting but they carried on with the theme anyway.  Tsk.

So off we went to Kingston and enjoyed a lovely coffee and then bought M some new slippers.  We tried to buy new shoes too but there was only a choice of 3 boots (?!) and the one we liked wasn’t in her size.  The girls bought something each with their own money from the Disney Store and M added a few Tinkerbell themed things to her Christmas list. We managed a very quick visit with only one flop from M (which was about some miniscule mark on her hand which was hurting).

When we got back I sat down with them to watch a new film.  First of all we tried How To Train a Dragon – honestly, it made me feel so old: the main character spoke too fast for me to understand him and the girls couldn’t follow it either so we gave up.  Then I tried James and the Giant Peach.  M quite liked it but it left D in tears as she found it too frightening and the insects too creepy.  Both girls seemed to be lacking in energy and I was feeling like I didn’t know what to do with them anymore.  We couldn’t go out because a man was coming to service our boiler and I knew that none of us were in the mood for any official learning at the table so I started looking through our drawers for inspiration and then it hit me – painting!!  The mood M was in I thought I would keep it as simple as possible and got the girls painting A3 sheets of paper in solid blocks of colour and patterns in readiness for a collage tomorrow.  M still managed to have a flop about something or other and walked out of the room in sulk.  However, after 5 minutes she must have realised she was missing out and came back to join in.

IMAG0663 IMAG0664 IMAG0667

Once the lounge floor was half covered in paintings I set the girls to making some crumble to eat for supper.  They pretty much made it themselves which was lovely for me – I didn’t get messy at all!  While it was cooking they ran upstairs to get their pyjamas on and jump on the bed for a bit, then came quickly back down to enjoy their creation with custard.  Yum!


We’ve all been in an odd mood at some point or other in the day but we were all feeling a bit better by bedtime.  I hope we’re back on track tomorrow though as I don’t like that despondent feeling, I’m sure it infects the girls too.  Throughout today I kept thinking thank goodness M is free to have a bad mood at home rather than holding all those feelings in while at school!


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