Klee Collages

Today was a much happier start.  D raced upstairs when we heard M waking up and they immediately started jumping up and down on the bed together.  J went to work slightly later than usual and the girls proudly showed him their new slippers and jumpers.  He got them started on a game of Lego and they carried on playing after he’d left for work.


Meanwhile, I prepared a load of cardboard shapes ready for the collages I planned to make using the paintings we made yesterday.  I thought it would be easier for them to draw around a shape rather than do it from scratch each time.  They worked on their collages for well over an hour and got tired of it before they had finished.  M went off to play chess and D played with her Tinkerbell doll she bought yesterday.


Then we got ready for swimming and the girls ate sandwiches on the way to the pool in the car.  We had a lovely swim together.  D is getting braver at jumping in (though is still not happy for her head to go under the water) and M swam two full lengths, one on her front and one on her back, without stopping!  I have always said to her that she has to have lessons until she can swim a length and its taken her two years to get there.  What an achievement!  We will have to see if she wants to continue lessons after this term – watch this space.

IMAG0672 IMAG0675

I coaxed them out of the pool with the promise of a biscuit and glass of milk in the café, which of course they were very excited about.  Even though we go to cafes regularly the girls still get excited about it.  It makes me laugh that I can get away with giving them fairly dry workbooks to do while we’re there and they love it – I don’t think they would be as happy to sit and do them at home.  Today M was learning how to use a dictionary and D was working out story sequences and putting letters into alphabetical order.

IMAG0680 IMAG0678

When we got back the girls played in the garden for a few minutes and then quickly got tired of it.  I suggested to M that we finish off Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the daytime, just in case it was just a little too scary to cope with right before bed.  We read a chapter (with M shrieking and covering her ears but urging me to read on, ha ha) but unfortunately didn’t make it to the end before I had to start making dinner.

So while I made dinner the girls finished their collages!  Don’t they look fabulous?  I had showed them some Klee pictures beforehand to demonstrate how pictures can be made from simple shapes and they really got it!  The blue one is M’s and she made an upturned semi-circle and a smaller circle into a baby in a pram, and D of course gave hers a space theme.

IMAG0682 IMAG0681

Klee – Red Bridge Painting

We then watched Disney’s ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ while eating dinner.  I say ‘watch’, what I mean is I fast forwarded through most of it as D was too frightened by it.  My efforts to expand her film education beyond Disney Fairies and Princesses are not working!

Surprisingly, 20 minutes before D’s bedtime they both decided to sit at the table – D to do Reading Eggs and M to do chess.  They were both yawning away and neither could really concentrate properly so I had to coax them away to jump on the bed instead.

Reflecting on this week, our days have become very art-based!  I think next week I will try my hardest to get them going on a bit more maths.  I wonder if our pattern will be to have ‘themed’ weeks as I find it difficult to chop and change subjects quickly, and the girls seem to like properly concentrating on something for longer than a school-type timetable would allow.  Something to mull over during the weekend…


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