One Sick Sausage

Poor old M has caught some horrible tummy bug!

She was sick all through last night and all day today.  Whenever one of my sausages is poorly in the night I’m always so thankful that we co-sleep.  It means my night’s aren’t nearly so disrupted as they would be if we were in separate bedrooms and the girls get comfort from knowing that I’m near if they need me.


So today was obviously a wash-out for M.  She watched a lot of telly and films and I read the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to her.  But she was quite zoned out for most of the day.  I did quite a lot with D, even though I had to stay close at hand to M: I read loads and loads of books (the book box in the living room came into its own today), we also did Reading Eggs (D completed level 5) and I even persuaded her to do some Mathletics!

This evening I put both girls to bed early (and even managed to squeeze in a bedtime story about science and germs haha) and I’m writing this in the bedroom, just in case there are any more sickness episodes.

Here’s hoping M feels better tomorrow as she’s utterly miserable.  As there isn’t much to report on today, I’ll give you a few photos of yesterday’s ‘Fungi Foray’ Nature Club on Wimbledon Common!  M & me learnt lots about fungi and when we got back M was amazed to find two mushrooms on our lawn.  She quickly got a mirror to inspect whether the mushroom had ‘gills’, ‘teeth’ or ‘pores’ underneath :).

IMAG0688 IMAG0686 IMAG0684


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