Sick, sick and more sick!

Poor M, another day of sickness!  She was still ill this morning and was crying out in pain because of her tummy ache.  I started to worry it might be appendicitis so I rang 111 (first time I’ve used the service and it’s really quite good) and they advised me to get her seen by a GP within the following 2 hours.  I had to wait half an hour for our local surgery to open and in that time I got us all dressed, packed food and my Samsung tablet (an essential!) half thinking the worst and that we might end up in a hospital for hours.  Unfortunately our surgery couldn’t fit us in quickly enough so we got in the car and drove half an hour to the nearest drop-in clinic.  I’ve never seen M look so ill before, her eyes were hollow, her skin was grey, she was throwing up and she looked so tired.  She was muttering questions about why the doctor couldn’t come to us – quite!

We waited around an hour to be seen and during that time M fell asleep and when she woke up she looked a lot better!  Her tummy ache had gone and the GP confirmed there was no sign of appendicitis.  What a relief!  She was worried about her hydration levels though so prescribed M some Dioralyte to aid rehydration.

Poor old D too, I tried to give her the attention she needed but I can’t play with her like M can.  She really missed her best buddy today.  She was amazingly patient at the doctors and wowed me by showing off the sums she knew on our Numberjacks app and drew two lovely pictures.  The first is of our house and the second is of the Big Dipper constellation (she didn’t draw the backgrounds, by the way).  I was pretty floored by the Big Dipper – she’s never drawn it before and although she’s obsessed by space, it tends to be more about planets than constellations.  You just can’t tell what they’re absorbing really, can you?

When we got back D ran outside to dig up the garden…


And then played with her Arithmasticks…


And then she did some fabulous work with me on Mathletics and Reading Eggs.  I need to do some work with her on coins and notes before we cover the next Mathletics topic so I think a game of Pop To The Shops might be in order tomorrow.

The girls watched films and CBeebies for the rest of the day.  M was slowly improving (I could tell because she was getting more and more bored and irritable) but didn’t get off the sofa until 5pm.  I got the girls making our favourite hot chocolate recipe which delighted M but unfortunately she could only manage a couple of sips.


Here’s hoping we can get out of the house tomorrow!!


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