“I don’t think home school’s going very well for me”

So said a sad little D this morning :(.  Two days at home due to M’s illness and no play-mate either had taken their toll.  I responded that even if she was at school she would have ‘off’ days.  1 hour later we all sat down to play Pop to the Shops and D said ‘I LOVE HOME SCHOOL!’.  So that was a short lived blip then!


Her statement struck a chord with me though: it was a little reminder that even if we have chosen to go down this road together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every day will be a happy one.  I still have too high expectations and can’t help but feel disappointed when we have our off days.  When we had our last off day, Ross Mountney commented on my post with this piece of wisdom:

Don’t worry about these flat times – we had them too just as regularly. And the reassuring thing is that life is like that for everyone at times whether you’re school kids, whether you’re working, whether it’s holiday. We all get flat times throughout life and it’s not necessarily to do with home schooling or your provision. And do remember also that your kids need time when they’re not directed by you, to chill, decide for themselves, think things out themselves or actually just be disconnected from you for a while. Home schooling can be quite intense and there needs to be some chilled time too. It also teaches your children how to be self-motivated too! 🙂

Wise words from a wise woman!  I think I will stick it on the fridge to keep reminding myself not to get too hung up when things aren’t as good as I expect them to be.

M was much improved today but still obviously quite tired.  She certainly didn’t have enough energy for her swimming lesson so I declared the day a pyjama day.  Hoorah!  M lounged in a hot deep bath in the morning and then D played with her dolls in there afterwards.  Then they got back into their pyjamas ready for our game of Pop to the Shops.  I’d decided yesterday to get D more familiarised with coins so after the game I created a print-out with images of our currency and the girls had fun matching up coins from their piggy banks to the images on the sheet.  I gave M a slightly harder task afterwards of finding different ways of adding coins up to the value of 50p and £1 which she got stuck in to.  And THEN I demanded the money that was owed to me from their purchases at the Disney Store, so I got something out of it too haha.

IMAG0705 IMAG0706

M also enjoyed getting the junk modelling box out – I think this could be her favourite hobby, she is such a tinker!  And D did a wonderful drawing of M which reminded me that we haven’t just drawn for drawings sake for AGES.  D also did some great work on Mathletics and Reading Eggs.

IMAG0701 IMAG0703

It was lovely to see that M was back in the land of the living by the end of the day.  D was absolutely delighted to have her play-mate back!


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