Not Going Out… Again

Last night there was MORE sick so all plans were shelved again today.  M was very tired this morning so after a lot of faffing around, the girls watched Peter Pan.  D wanted to watch another film straight after but I persuaded them to get dressed first – it was almost midday at this point!

Once they were dressed it was easy to distract them by suggesting we write letters to Grandma to thank her for the stickers she sent a while ago.  M was getting quite tetchy and upset at the thought of putting pen to paper (she’s also caught a cold, just to add to her misery) so I tried to fire her imagination by showing her letters I wrote to my Grandparents when I was her age.  30 years on, they’re gorgeous to read and at times their content is hilariously ridiculous.  The responses from my Grandparents are so gushing in their adoration they make my heart glow to read them now.

Anyway, D wasn’t the least bit interested in my nostalgia and M was trying to hide her interest under her tetchiness.  So they just got on and wrote their letters.  I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Grandma!  D’s handwriting is fabulous for a 4 year old; M’s is good too but is noticeably messier than when she was at school… oh dear.  In a strange way I’m quite pleased as she’s such a perfectionist all the time it’s nice that she’s relaxing a bit and learning to find her own style.

IMAG0708 IMAG0712

M then wanted to write a letter to her Aunty S and while she was doing this I noticed how blowy it was outside and got our ‘How the World Works’ book out to show how wind is measured on the Beaufort Scale.  D then wanted to read the rest of the book so we read through the water cycle, types of cloud, currents, photosynthesis and food chains.  D loves fact based books!  I’m not sure how much she understood but she was certainly listening intently.

When M had finished her letter she listened in on the food chain page at the end of the book and I was pleased to see she was intrigued by it – she usually isn’t particularly interested in that sort of thing.  Something to explore at a later date.  She was pooped after all that letter writing so they both snuggled down under blankets to watch Return To Neverland.


All in all a very slow-paced day but I don’t see there’s any point in pushing M to do anything if she’s feeling poorly.  Fingers crossed tomorrow M will be better x


2 thoughts on “Not Going Out… Again

  1. I am so sorry that she has been poorly and I hope she feels better today. This time of year is a nightmare for germs and nasties. I have Manuka honey religiously every day and spoon it to the boys each morning as well. Not sure if it helps but it makes me feel like I am doing something proactive! I am also a terrible anti bac hand gel abuser. I imagine that a sickness/ ill blog will follow from me in the not so distant future though!

    Nothing like duvet days when kids are under the weather. It gives you the strength to recharge so that you can look after them too.

    Have a good day.



    1. Thanks Prue, I must say I’m more of a ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ type of person when it comes to germs haha. I love duvet days but I must say I feel like I’ve had my fill of them – looking forward to returning to normality next week…

      L x


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