Indian Elephants

This morning was quite an early start for me and D: she woke me at 6.15 (though compared to the 4.30am starts when she was 2 this is NOTHING).  First of all she asked to watch Tinkerbell but then after 20 minutes of it she wanted to do her Tinkerbell activity book.  Fine by me!  We covered writing, spelling, adding and subtracting – all before 7am!

M appeared then and wanted to join in so we all went to sit in the (freezing) front room to carry on the activities.  Then we had breakfast.  I love the way there are no time constraints on home schooling – you can pack a load of stuff in before 7am and then chill out for a bit.

M is much better today though still full of cold so I thought we’d keep it light today.  I needed to get rid of a load of water filters, printer cartridges, batteries, clothes and shoes for recycling so I thought I’d tie in a bit of education with it and got the girls watching ‘Come Outside’ on YouTube while they ate their breakfast.  The episode they watched was all about rubbish.  Once we’d watched that we headed out to the post office.  FRESH AIR!!!  The girls posted their letters and we got back without a single grumble.  Then we got straight in the car and headed off for the recycling bins and then to Tesco for more recycling.  Of course we then had to reward ourselves with a trip to the coffee shop.  We learnt that Costas in Tesco is closing next week to make way for Tesco’s own coffee chain: Harris & Hoole.  I’ve never tried their coffee but I’ll probably find less ‘reasons’ to go to Tesco when Costa’s has gone.

When we got back we started work on a new craft which is linked to our India/Diwali project: making ceremonial Indian elephants out of milk bottles!  I got the idea from here.  Once the first coat of paint was on they were left to dry while the girls did a bit more work in their activity books.  Then it was time for the girls’ lunch and I fancied listening to a bit of pop while I prepared dinner for tonight so I bought the Now 00s album and we had a bit of dance around the kitchen.  I feel no shame in buying these albums… you can’t beat a bit of pop.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the girls making an ENORMOUS den in the lounge while I made lists (I love lists) and did some research for future projects.

The girls managed to finish the elephants before bed – I love them!

Now I’ve got to sew turn ups into M’s new Judo trousers, ready for the class tomorrow… Hope you all have a good weekend x


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