A Sausage Post

This is a post from the sausages.  I was so tired today they very kindly offered to write my blog for me.  This is their version of events…


We did a tail-bone dance.  And then Louis [toy bunny] bounced his head on a balloon.  And we did a dance but not about your tail-bone.

By D aged 4.



Today we made some skeletons.  We stuck the bones onto the paper.  D’s glue ran out so she borrowed mine.  And then we watched Aladdin.  After Aladdin I did my sticker book.  I finished one page and then I did half of another page.  And then we did all the labels on the skeletons.  And then I played with my doll but she didn’t fit in the pushchair so I played doctors with D.  I was the nurse and D was the doctor and D’s toy’s were the patients.  Then we danced to some music: first we danced slow and then we danced fast.  Then slow again.  Then we wrote this blog that you’re reading now.

By M aged 6.



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