Today I woke up feeling so tired, not even a strong coffee helped so I decided to change the day’s plan (I love the flexibility of home ed!).  I had planned to visit Wimbledon as the girls need new shoes and more importantly, Pritt Stick.  Instead we made some flapjack (to eat with the strong coffee) and then we got down to business making skeletons!  You’ll be relieved to hear the Pritt Stick held out just long enough to finish the job.

These skeletons were a bit of a labour of love for me, in total I spent about 2-3 hours drawing them out over a few weekends.  First of all I drew around the girls’ bodies, then I drew a skeleton into the space, using a picture in a book as a guide.  I don’t know much about anatomy so please don’t judge me on the accuracy of the drawings!

The girls loved putting the pieces together like a jigsaw.  It was quite a long job though and D lost concentration after about 45 minutes so I pushed her on to finish gluing the bones down and then we had a break (playtime!).  After a long play, some lunch and a film, the girls were ready to go again.  I wrote out the names of the bones and helped the girls to figure out what went where.  They got really involved in it.  When they’d finished I tested them to see what they had taken in and they got really excited slapping the right label when I called a name out.  D even made up a hilarious dance while singing ‘tail-bone, tail-bone!’.  I half wondered about uploading it to YouTube but thought she might not thank me for it in years to come.

I had two exciting deliveries today (and that doesn’t even include the mince pies that arrived in the food shop!), the first delivery was an artificial Christmas tree :).  I’ve had to really resist setting it up and the girls thought we’d be decorating it straight away, they were very disappointed.  My second delivery was an amazon parcel of 3 Mandarin books.  The girls were intrigued but I decided to leave the books until I’ve had a good look at them and grasped a few words myself.  I was amazed that they were up for watching a bit of The Lingo Show though and they both sat and repeated Wei’s words and were very excited to learn the Mandarin word for ice cream!  I’m so pleased as after zero interest in the Sparks Chinese online programme I thought it would be difficult to get them going.

I spent most of the day doing the bare minimum and D got a bit irritable because I wasn’t giving her the attention she wanted.  M also lost her rag over a question she asked about bones.  It was the usual problem of her getting upset because she doesn’t understand something and I didn’t have the patience to deal with it today.  Oh dear.

It’s an early posting today as I’m exhausted and I’m off to bed early!  The girls very sweetly offered to do my blog for me tonight so next up is their write-up of the day’s events 🙂

Today’s little things:

D pretending to go to school and when she came back she told me all the things she knew about bones (she’d retained quite a lot of it!)

D asking me to ‘set the beepers’ so she would know when it’s Christmas (meaning she thought the oven timer would cover the length of time until Christmas)

D & M playing a game of doctors which then became unfriendly.  They both apologised to each other (with no prompting from me!) and then D burst into tears.  I asked her why she was crying and she said ‘because of all the naughtiness’ so I said ‘and who was doing the naughtiness?’. ‘Me’.


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