How Do You Say ‘Feeling Irritable’ in Sign Language?

I thought I had posted this yesterday but in my tiredness I must have imagined it!  So here is yesterday’s post…

I’ll start by talking about our weekend.  J took the girls off to Judo on Saturday morning (even though he looked like a broken man: I think he actually would have stayed at home if the girls had put up some resistance).  He was out in the afternoon so I looked after them.  I took the opportunity to get out a marble run that I had bought in a sale recently.  The girls adored it and spent hours playing with it.  M has an amazing capacity for following instructions when putting things together.  I consider myself to be quite good but she easily surpasses me.  I should hire her out to anyone struggling with their flat-pack furniture.  Could be a nice little earner.


Their Aunt Sh came over to play with them for an hour in the late afternoon and she showed M how to play with marbles the old-fashioned way.  M loved working out the scores and she was pretty good at hitting the marbles too.  Just before bed I got them started on an activity I read about in one of my Facebook groups – making sun-catchers out of PVA glue!  You fill a plastic lid with PVA glue, drop some food colouring in and then create a pattern with a cocktail stick.  I knew they would take a while to dry but we’re actually still waiting, 2 days later.  I will post a picture of them when they’re ready but these are the ‘before’ pictures.

IMAG0869 IMAG0870

On Sunday morning, while J was having a lie in, I showed the girls a YouTube video about wolves, taken from a BBC documentary.  M was fascinated (she has always had a fascination with wolves).  Then I showed them another film about minerals in space and dying stars from a Brian Cox documentary.  It was way over their heads (and mine!) but D insisted on watching it and then wanted to read her space books.


J got up and took them out to the park, then for a walk on Wimbledon Common, THEN they were back for half an hour before setting off again to spend 2 hours in the swimming pool.  Phew!  If J wasn’t a broken man on Saturday morning then he certainly was by Sunday night.  He needs a holiday.  Maybe from us, haha.

Today was a bit less uneventful but then they can’t live life at full throttle every day (J: take note).  For me, the painters and decorators were in/Aunt Flo was visiting etc., whatever euphemism you want to use, I felt like crap this morning and would have crawled back to bed if I could.  I was seriously irritable.  So M got on with some junk modelling while D played with her toys and did some colouring.  At about 10.30 after some coffee and a lovely piece of flapjack I had cheered up a bit and started to prepare lunches, snacks and everything else we need whenever we leave the house.

This afternoon we went to our HE meet up in Chelsea.  The craft this week was making those squashy stress balls out of balloons and lentils.  Very weird to feel and the girls loved making them.  Then the girls wanted to do some sewing but for one reason or another the right equipment wasn’t there.  They were so keen to make something that I will definitely get my fabric out soon.

After that it was time for a sign language lesson given by a profoundly deaf man and his interpreter.  M loved it but unfortunately it was more for older children and not really suitable for D.  She quickly began to flop and yawn while sitting on my knee so I sat her on another chair and asked her (in a cross whisper) to be polite, even if she was tired/bored whatever.  She quickly decided she did want to sit nicely so came back onto my knee again.  What a monkey.  The couple were asking the children to come up in pairs to sign a conversation: D did do it but with zero interest.  M on the other hand was very keen to have a go.  We left straight after the lesson and had a very windy and tired walk back to the car park.

IMAG0873 IMAG0874

This evening while the girls were eating their dinner I asked them what they would like to do next in home-schooling.  M came up with a very interesting list, including building, exploring, flying a kite, going on the London Eye, learning how a telly works and other things too.  D wasn’t too sure but liked my suggestions of painting and Reading Eggs.  She then insisted on writing ‘Numberjacks game’ on the list… very sweet.


Little things:

D playing the Numberjacks app this morning while I made breakfast – she was giggling away to herself because she was so pleased she knew the answers to the sums.  She then got her Arithmasticks out to help her with the answers she didn’t know.  Clever girl.

Just had an interesting bed-time chat with M after she asked how people become poor.  I gave her several reasons but she was intrigued as to why education mattered…  Hopefully a seed has been sown…


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