Bingo and Much Much More

For those of you avid readers who were wondering where yesterday’s post was, I’m afraid I didn’t have time to write one as I actually went out!  Without the girls!  I know, what was I thinking?!  I managed to meet up with my friend K, in her new restaurant Winston O’Boogies in Fulham (a free advert for K, there).  I did wonder whether she would be too busy to sit down and chat but luckily she wasn’t and we had a good catch up.

We’ve done a fair amount over the last couple of days.  D has done quite a bit on Reading Eggs and Mathletics: I had hoped to do this every day but so far it has been hard to find the time, partly because once the girls are on there they don’t want to get off.

M finished her project on India: I found a YouTube film that played lots of different Indian instruments and she loved choosing her favourites and drawing pictures of them, plus the girls liked learning the word ‘Namaste’ and practising the little bow that goes with it.  All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful project.

Tinkerbell popped in for a little visit this morning.


M has been learning her 4 times-table and finally knew it well enough today to answer all the sums quickly and correctly (I say ‘finally’, she’s only 6!  I don’t think I knew my 4 times table until I was 12 – such is her love of maths).

Yesterday the girls found an old magazine freebie of a Numberjacks bingo game.  They loved it so much I was thinking I could pretty much incorporate bingo into anything they are learning.  So today I cobbled together Peter & The Wolf bingo!  The girls sat down to watch the Disney version on YouTube (they still shriek whenever the wolf appears, but they love it) and then we had a game of bingo.  D immediately wanted to be the bingo caller to avoid having to lose the game to M, which turned out brilliantly as she got some reading out of it too.  Weirdly, M won every game.  She is peculiarly lucky.  In the past I’ve had to toss a coin to settle arguments between them and she has NEVER lost.  Weird.


Following on from the India project, today I got the girls making their own little passports.  I had already scanned in a passport cover and so quickly made a little folded A5 booklet for them.  On the first page they stuck in their photograph and wrote their age, date of birth and nationality.  I intend using these passports for sticking in flags of countries we’re learning about.  Today they coloured in little Union Jacks I had printed out and M got to colour in an Indian flag.  She was very pleased and D was a little miffed but hopefully this will persuade her to join in next time we learn about a country :).

There was a lot of spying going on today, which is the girls favourite game at the moment.  Of course they only have me to spy on so I have to make a great show of not noticing the giggling, whispering and shuffling feet behind the door.  I also have to make a great pretence of not knowing what on earth is going on when they slip a whoopee cushion under me just as I sit down.

So, after quite a few ‘surprises’, we set off for David Lloyd.  First of all we sat in the café and got out the beloved workbooks.  D drew a gorgeous picture of herself and M filled in a few words with missing letters which she found far too easy, but I think it’s a nice feeling for her to breeze through the odd page now and then.


D’s swimming lesson was horrendous, she cried through almost all of it.  I was torn between wanting to go over to give her a hug and staying away because I’m starting to wonder if my presence at the lessons is doing more harm than good.  Unfortunately there are no proper stadium seats so parents have to just hang around at the pool side.  In the end I chose to keep my distance and she stopped crying for the last few minutes of the lesson :(.

The day finished on a high note for the girls.  I had given them a choice between having a biscuit at David Lloyd’s café or baking something when we got back and they chose to bake.  So we made iced cakes.  They both had a go at weighing and as we were only making a small amount I got M to divide all the ingredients by 3 so I squeezed some maths in there too.

IMAG0899 IMAG0900

Little things:

Getting a tight warm hug from D when she got up because she’d missed me last night.

D calling M ‘bonkers’ in the back of the car on the way to swimming.  So I taught M the phrase ‘takes one to know one’.

Coming out of swimming and both girls (unprompted by me) literally gasping at the beauty of the autumnal trees’ colours in the setting sun.  It felt so great that they have such an appreciation of colour, and that we have the time to stop and admire it.


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