Two Days Out

I’m a bit bleary eyed as I sit here writing this, willing it to be bedtime already.  We’ve had pretty much two days out of the house: funny how tiring it is to be out of the house so much!

Yesterday we went to the meet up in Stoneleigh.  M loves the Thursday group but after it she is wiped out – and we’re only there for 3 hours!  It’s no wonder she used to come home from school exhausted, tearful and angry: she’d be out from 7.30am to 3.45pm on a normal school day.  I was trying to arrange a meet-up with M’s best friend the other day and I almost said to her mum that M couldn’t do Thursday evenings because she’s out all afternoon and would be too tired – how would that sound to a school Mum?!

This morning we went to the cinema to see Peter Pan, courtesy of the National Youth Film Festival which runs this week and next.  It was the girl’s first time at the cinema so it was perfect that they could see a film they’ve watched hundreds of time before.  They loved it, particularly the chocolate I bought for them.


We got back home and the girls immediately ran to the table to start on an activity book.  M very sweetly helped D to do a wordsearch while I made lunch.  Then we went swimming.  I haven’t actually been in the pool for ages so it was nice to have a bit of a swim myself.  We were in for an hour and a half and D took some persuading to get out.  Having said that, they are both unbelievably compliant at the moment (will it last?) – I can’t help feeling surprised when I ask them to do something and they jump to do it.

Little things:

Gorgeously serious conversations with M about knocking houses down, listed buildings and economics.

M noticing the leaves on trees moving in the wind and commenting on how it’s like they’re dancing.

Bumping into a friend that we haven’t seen for ages and her commenting on how happy M looks.


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