Cutty Sark After The Storm

Well, we were pretty much left unscathed after last night’s storm.  The worst that happened was that our Virgin Media was down this morning – so no telly, radio or internet!!  Luckily, J found our old cronky radio under the stairs so we could get the weather and travel report.  Phew.

It’s times like these though that you really appreciate telly.  The girls were absolutely fine about going straight to their activity books as soon as they woke up but I found it difficult to mentally adjust from being asleep one minute to being asked to draw a fairy perfectly, the next.  Blimey it was hard.

So it seemed from the weather and travel report that all was well on the tube so we headed out at 8.30… and apparently everybody else decided to do the same after checking the travel.  The tube was packed!  I thought it would be quiet with it being half term and towards the end of rush hour.  Makes me feel so grateful that I don’t have to do that everyday anymore, like J.  The girls were tremendous but we were all flaking out from the heat by the time we got to Bank.  Then onto the DLR which the girls were SOOOO excited about.  I’m not sure I’ve been on the DLR before as I didn’t remember that you can sit right at the front with the driver?!  They got to have a little chat with the him and see all the Canary Wharf skyscrapers, the Thames, the boats and the views!  They were really disappointed to reach our destination: Cutty Sark!


I’ve only ever seen the ship when it was under restoration and never been inside so it was all new to me: I was really impressed.


The ship has been raised up and the museum built around and under it.  We explored the hold and there were loads of hands on activities (M loved the simulation where she got to steer a ship across the globe without causing a ship-wreck) and films (D loved watching the film about the Cutty Sark racing across the world to try and beat the Thermopylae back to London).

Then we went up on deck to explore some more, it was fantastic!  There was a ‘captain’ on board who was giving a family friendly talk but I think it was for slightly older kids as my two couldn’t follow what he was saying.  They loved running around, exploring the cabins and asking me countless questions.

IMAG0967 IMAG0968 IMAG0969

Then we headed right down to the bottom of the museum for a drink in the café – we got to sit right under the ship itself.  Then we headed over to a group of tables where an activity had been set out for kids to do over half term, as part of the Family Arts Festival.  This is what had attracted me to visiting Cutty Sark in the first place – the activity was Rangoli Patterns.  How handy that it fitted in nicely with our India project!  The girls got stuck straight in and had no qualms about asking the lady in charge for whatever they needed.  It’s lovely to see their confidence growing.

They both did a lovely job and got to add it to the collection of Rangoli patterns on the floor.

We headed back upstairs and when I looked at my watch I realised we’d been there for 3 hours?!  There was no escape just then though as they both decided they wanted to go around again!  M had a particular interest in how the ship was made and handily they had a little piece of each material on a display: she really enjoyed touching each one and asking questions about it.  Then we went back up on deck again but this time around D was really flagging and they were both getting a bit tearful (although assuring me they really did want to stay) but I dragged them both out before accidents and upsets started – they were so tired!

What an amazing day: I was astonished by how much I enjoyed looking around a ship and now we all want to go again!

Little things:

M lying in bed tonight saying ‘I’m so excited!’ and she was – she’d had such a good day she was all wriggly and smiley.

D’s last words on falling asleep ‘I love Cutty Sark…’


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