Chess and The Canterville Ghost

M’s half-term chess course started again today.  J took the day off work to look after D while I took M to Hersham for her course.  She wasn’t too keen on going at first but just as happened the last time, she absolutely loved it and was disappointed she didn’t get to finish the game she was in the middle of when I came to collect her.

D had a quiet time at home with J and drew him a picture of a hot air balloon, which looks more like a Rothko painting to me.


After I’d had lunch and a cup of tea we all set off to walk into Wimbledon to get M some shoes (the never-ending quest, it seems).  The shoes we’d ordered in for her still weren’t right so the search continues!  The girls had a play on the rides with J while I got a couple of bits and bobs and then we set off home again.

IMAG0978 IMAG0979

When we got back I started on dinner and J set off for work.  After dinner, D started reading a book so I volunteered to read to her so we all snuggled down under a blanket to read How the World Works.

It soon became apparent that the sausages weren’t really in the mood to sit and listen to me so I put a film on they hadn’t seen before – The Canterville Ghost.  M has read the story before and loved it but she was really taken with the film, particularly the cheesey romance they’d added in…  She says she’s ready to have a boyfriend now (!).  I did wonder if she might like a girlfriend instead but that idea was brushed aside.  D was fascinated by the ghost, Sir Simon, and how he became a ghost: not being a believer in ghosts myself I found this quite hard to explain!


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