Frenzied Sausages

Back to chess again today.  D came with us this time as J had too much work to do.  I packed a huge amount of food (we were going to be out for 3 hours after all) and a big bag of activities to keep us occupied.

After dropping a delighted M off at chess, D and me headed back to the car to start her Biff, Chip and Kipper activity book.  She’s finished the first set and now she’s onto level 2-3 of the phonics book.  Once she’d finished that she had a drink and a snack while she listened to a Charlie & Lola audio story.


Then we headed out to the park in the glorious sunshine!

IMAG0996 IMAG0989

I don’t know if I’m unusual in this but I absolutely hate parks.  There’s something about the mind-numbingness added with the physical exertion that I can’t stand!  I’d much rather be on a walk or something.


Anyway, after D had been on everything a few times we headed back to the car and D listened to a Billy Goats Gruff audio story and then played Numberjacks on my tablet.  Before we knew it, the 3 hours was up and we went to collect M again.  M was over the moon as she had just beaten a boy who claimed it was the first time he’d lost to anyone!

This afternoon was spent packing for our trip to my parents’ house in Nottingham.  The girls did a bit of Trunki packing, but not a lot.  They quickly built up into a frenzy of excitement about tomorrow’s trip and ran around the house chasing each other, screaming, laughing, and pinching my bottom.

I’ve given them a bath tonight.  The first one in ages because they’ve been showering at David Lloyd of late.  They’re both beautifully calm now, combing their mermaid dolls’ hair and quietly chatting to each other.  Peace!

Little things:

M created a wonderful treasure map which J & I had to follow to get to the treasure (which was D), it was really properly done with the furniture drawn from a bird’s eye view.

D talking about going to Nottingham: ‘Mum! Louis [toy bunny] is looking forward!’

D talking to me in manner of a 40 year old: ‘So.  How was M’s chess today?’


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