In Nottingham!

I was half tempted not to write a post today as we’re kind of on a holiday at my parents house but here’s a few snippets of what we’ve been up to…

The most amazing news is M’s achievement on her chess course!  Before she went into class yesterday she was beaming and saying how much she hoped she’d win a trophy.  I so badly wanted her to win as she really isn’t the sort of child who asks for much, so when she does it is even more heartfelt.  After D and I had sat in the car (in the rain) for 3 hours we went in to join M for the roll-call of prize winners… 5th place was announced… then 4th… (my heart was in my stomach by this point)… then 3rd… and M was announced as joint 2nd winner with another boy!!!  She won a silver medal and I was soooo happy and excited for her!  And proud!  She was over the moon and beaming from ear to ear.

After chess we headed straight up the M1 to Nottingham to visit my parents and we’ll be here for the next 10 days or so.  M was bouncing around in her seat with the excitement and D fell asleep she was so exhausted from a bad night’s sleep and a v boring day in the car.  We arrived in Nottingham just after 5pm and the girls raced around the lounge until bed time.  Their Aunty S is also staying here for a few days so the girls were ready to explode with excitement.

Today we had a leisurely start and then set off to town in our endless quest for some blinking bleeping shoes for M.  Still no success, grr.  One more shop to try but I am anticipating she will be in wellies all winter.  We had a lovely trip to the coffee shop though and the girls were very excited to choose new hats, scarfs and gloves in John Lewis.

IMAG1000 IMAG1001


This afternoon we did a bit of sewing, M played chess, D played with Grandma’s fairy dolls and I got a big bag of felt out and they did a bit of sewing.  Then my cousin Z and her son M came over and there was high jinks and shenanigans for a good few hours and they all played wonderfully together.


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