Halloween Sleepover

Today was a bit of a lazy one but it was great!  It was dismal outside so we stayed in and played.  M challenged Grandma to a game of chess and won by doing a killer move that we were all very impressed by.  And then she challenged Aunty S to a game of Connect 4 and managed to beat her quite a few times too.

IMAG1013 IMAG1006

Meanwhile, D watched a TInkerbell movie and afterwards played lots of games throughout the day using lots of different dolls and lots of imagination.

After lunch, us grown-ups got out a game called Flags of the World.  As our knowledge was so pathetic we set about trying to learn a few flags, starting with Europe.  M quickly joined in and we’d memorised about 15 countries before it was time to set off to Aunty B’s Halloween party!


We got M changed into her witches outfit and I painted her face green with sparkles.  She loved it and couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror!  We drove over to Aunty B’s house and M got straight into playing with two of her cousins.  She’ll be staying there overnight tonight – her first sleep-over!  It’s a measure of how far she’s come in confidence that she is happy to sleep in another house without me.  And a measure of how much she loves her Aunty and cousins!

IMAG1023 IMAG1025

D was a little disoriented without M at first but after a while she seemed to enjoy having the full attention of all the grown-ups.  We made Double Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cookies, then she went to bed and Grandma read her a bedtime story.

Little things:

D broke M’s stickle-brick creation while she was tidying up.  She tried to put it back together again but got upset because she couldn’t get it right.  She said tearfully: ‘I just want M to be proud of me’.

While we were eating dinner, D sang us a song about feeling lonely and finding a friend which had us all in tears it was so sweet and heartfelt!


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