Space and Geocaching

D watched about 10 minutes of telly this morning before deciding she wanted to do something else.  So I got out some oil pastels and black paper and showed her a firework picture M had been creating the night before, to give her an idea of what she could do.  She immediately wanted to copy it and when I said she couldn’t because M would get cross (M hates D copying her ideas, work, anything at the moment) she decided she didn’t want to do fireworks and she was going to make a space picture instead.  Yesterday I gave her yellow, orange and red tissue paper to make a bonfire collage and she decided she’d rather make the big bang so I’m guessing her love of space is still there!

M continued making her firework picture after breakfast while D got on with a world map jigsaw.  The countries weren’t demarcated very clearly but she could identify quite a few just by their shape and position on the map.


M then moved on to playing with Lego and D asked Grandma if they could play schools.  So the teddies came out to sit and listen to Grandma-teacher!  Meanwhile, I was trying to put together an electrical bug to show the girls and failed miserably because I hadn’t brought blu-tack with me and had bought the wrong size batteries.  So then I thought I could show them a static electricity experiment using a tissue-paper snake.  I drew and cut them a spiral snake out each and the girls charged up a Tangle-Teaser and a plastic ruler on Granddad’s woolly jumper from c.1972.  It worked!

IMAG1036 IMAG1037

The girls were pleased but then spotted my packet of balloons and immediately wanted to play with them instead.  I tried to show M how to rub them on wool to create a static charge but she really wasn’t interested.  Clearly, neither were in the mood to be directed so I left them to it!


After that there was a bit of doctors and nurses…

IMAG1041 IMAG1044

And a bit of shops…


We did attempt to do a Geocaching hunt in the afternoon but it was a bit of a flop.  We found a cache hidden about 5 minutes away from the house so me, Grandma, M & D all went out to look for it.  It was a gorgeous day: really sunny and chilly.  D ran about through the leaves while M led us towards the cache, using the map on my phone.  She led us to the spot perfectly and we searched high and low but couldn’t find the canister anywhere!  Whether it had been taken or whether we were being rubbish I don’t know but we’ll have another go when we get back to London.


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