Shops and Fireworks

This morning the girls were straight down to business, playing doctors and setting up shop again. M is very involved with finding out the actual price of each item so I have been looking it up on the internet for her.  She was quite shocked by the price of some items so we had a little discussion about all the people that need to be paid to get a pepper to our fridge.  She also questioned why shop keepers bothered selling anything so we touched on profit but then she’d got distracted!

IMAG1054 IMAG1057

We got dressed and were out the door by 10am on our final quest for M’s shoes!  We had one shop left to try and thankfully we were successful!  At long last!  How hard can it be to find shoes?  I don’t know why shoe shops aren’t as well stocked in size 12-13s as in other sizes?  What do other kids do?  V strange.  Anyway, job done, thankfully.

We also managed to fit in a trip to the coffee shop (of course) and a trip to Waterstone’s.  I love Nottingham’s Waterstone’s.  I could spend a fortune in there.  I managed to limit myself to £20 and got 2 more Ant and Bee books for D and a Snow Queen book for M.

This afternoon was spent quietly doing more drawings with our new oil pastels on black paper: both girls had a go at drawing a winter tree after I found tips on how to do it here.

IMAG1061 IMAG1066

Then M played dominoes with Grandma while D continued adding an owl and a bat to her night-time picture.  D finished another Reading Eggs level and then played on Numberjacks Mission to Learn while M searched Where’s Wally books.

IMAG1064 IMAG1070

The girls had some dinner and then played a bit before we headed out to watch the children’s fireworks display at the Forest.  The girls were so so so excited and D was really pleased to be out late (it was 6.45pm).  They went on a helter-skelter and a little balloon ride and then we watched the fireworks, they were lovely!  Then the girls went on a really fast (for their age) dragon ride.  I was a bit worried that D would get tearful but all I could just see was little beaming faces whizzing by.

The day ended with a little hot chocolate when we got back home and a bedtime story from Grandma.  Ahh.

Little things:

In shoe shop, the kind man serving us got sparkles down his trousers from M’s shoes, he commented that it wouldn’t do for him to have sparkly trousers at work.  D immediately asked ‘why not?’ which stumped him.  He asked if she thought he should wear sparkles to work and where.  D thought he should wear purple sparkles all over, which amused him greatly.


4 thoughts on “Shops and Fireworks

    1. Yes it was brilliant, I’d say most home ed days are brill though, wouldn’t you? I love it! Black paper is the new white in our house – we’ve done fireworks, night time scenes and now fairgrounds! Thanks for your comment, I’m looking forward to popping over to your blog soon!


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