Lots of Creativity and Imagination

A very busy morning today!  I was determined that they spent some time on maths or english today so D did a level on Reading Eggs and played on Numberjacks Mission to Learn, while M worked on Mathletics.  I also asked them if they would like to draw a fairground using oil pastels on black paper after seeing all the rides at the Forest last night.  They both readily agreed to it but then D quickly decided she wanted to draw all the planets for Grandma and M went from drawing a carousel to a full lesson in how to draw a horse!

I’m beginning to realise how much time we spend doing creative things, rather than the ‘core’ subjects: maths, english and science.  But M is showing such a talent for drawing it is hard to resist.  She would only have been doing an hour a week in art at school but in home education she’s probably spending around 10 hours a week doing something creative.  But just look at this horse she made today!!!


I’ll admit I did the back leg (you can tell by it’s excellent line and shape, can’t you??)  as she was struggling with it but she did the rest using step-by-step instructions I found here.

I was out this afternoon and so the girls got the undivided attention of Grandma for 4 hours.  The story goes that they played imaginative games such as schools and vets all afternoon but when I got back they were watching CBeebies, haha.  It’s great they get to play these games with Grandma though as I’m afraid I find them stiflingly boring.  I’ve tried to get over it but I can’t so hey-ho.

We’re on the road back to London tomorrow so Grandma read them both a last bedtime story before we come here again for Christmas.  I couldn’t resist buying some Christmas decorations today and now I REALLY want to put our tree up when we get back!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Creativity and Imagination

  1. The back legs are excellent but so are the front ones! I’m very impressed, horses are hard to draw and she’s done a great job. When I was at school I was always being told that I wasn’t good enough at art (I wasn’t allowed to take GCSE art despite wanting to – wasn’t allowed to do PE either) and it is hard to come back from that, so it’s wonderful that your girls aren’t having those horrible disabling messages. Creativity is very important.


    1. Yes, creativity is SO important! It’s hard to remember that when Michael Gove is going on and on about his dry and boring curriculums! And who’s to say who isn’t good enough in art? I don’t think some teachers realise what a huge impact they can have on children’s lives and their self-belief. I was discouraged in P.E. too and my teachers succeeded in putting me off sport for life. Glad to read about your half-marathon success – well done!


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