It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…


Couldn’t resist putting up the tree today… sorry :).


We didn’t do a lot today due to driving back down to London.  So I’ll just end this post on an interesting conversation which was had between D and Grandma this morning…

Darcey came up to the toilet and on her way out of the bathroom stopped suddenly and said ‘wait a minute.  Before I go I must check my heart’s still beating.’  She placed her hand on her heart and said ‘That’s ok, it is’.  Grandma gave her the thumbs up.  Then D looked sad and said ‘Poor old Yuri Gagarin’s heart isn’t beating and poor old Yuri Gagarin never made it to the moon’.  Grandma said ‘but he did an amazing thing being the first person in space’.  D said ‘I’m going to Russia and find where he’s buried.  I’ll get on a plane and say ‘Take me to Russia’ so I can find Yuri Gagarin’.

At least she’s not talking about digging him up anymore.


One thought on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

  1. That looks a really amazing tree. I love the shape. Bet the girls are excited! A few weeks yet before our decorations come down from the loft-you are a bit embarrassingly early! Ma xxxx

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