A Small Attempt at a Schedule

I was determined to start the day off with some english and maths today so I sat the girls down at 9am (still in their pyjamas) and D did a lesson on Reading Eggs while M worked on Mathletics.  They were quite whiney about it all though which made me think we need to do this more often!

M has always loved Mathletics because of the certificates you get if you reach 1000 points, but it seems this has faded as she was seriously underwhelmed by the one she got today.  However, she is still motivated to get the sparkly perfect scores on each section so it’s not all bad.

Reading Eggs is getting sneakily harder and harder as we progress through the levels.  D zoomed through the first few but now the lessons are getting longer and she is tired by the time she gets to the book at the end.  Anyway, she completed it after countless flops.

The girls had a long bath together after that, while I tidied and got the ingredients ready to make some pretzels.  Hmm, not sure I would make them again as there was so much stopping and starting and waiting and preparing of the dough that D had lost interest by the end and they weren’t anything like the pretzels I know!  They were tasty though and we ate them up for lunch.


This afternoon was spent finishing off putting the Christmas decorations up.  We now have a serious number of fairy lights all around the house.

We’ve got the LEA lady coming to visit next Friday and it was with this in mind that I’ve decided I really need to declutter our front room where we do most of our home-schooling.  It looks like a garage.  Not that I need to tidy up for the LEA but I always like to have a tidy before anyone comes to the house as I’m not an overly tidy person.  Plus, Christmas decorations look crap when they’re surrounded by clutter.

The girls had a play upstairs while I tidied and I mended the pulley for them. It’s still very popular, particularly with D.  She even noticed that Rapunzel uses a pulley system with her hair in Tangled.

Then we went out to see one of M’s best friends, B, who we have kept in touch with since nursery.  Both girls and B played wonderfully together, racing around the house and they were all very excited to see each other.  B’s Mum had made gingerbread biscuits which they decorated after dinner.

IMAG1108 IMAG1109

B’s teenage sister, F, was telling her Mum stories about her day at school, starting with ‘Do you want to hear something funny?’.  So D said to F, ‘Do you want to hear something funny?’.  Then proceeded to recount a tale of how her pants got stuck up her bum once.

We were back way past bedtime so D went straight to bed and M decided she wanted to finish The Owl and the Pussycat in her poetry book, so she did!



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