Leisurely Learning

Our weekend was fairly chilled: J took the girls to Judo on Saturday morning and M has now been promoted to a red belt – she now has to be insured in case she actually hurts someone!  He then took them to see their Nanny and Granddad and then onto a park to play with their little cousin. Meanwhile I was hurrying around the shops getting some Christmas shopping done –  I like to start and finish early!  I was also preparing for the oncoming cold and buying myself jumpers (I didn’t have any that didn’t have a hole in or had some sort of stain on – yuck) and gloves.  I’m ready for the snow now – bring it on! In the afternoon we got started on some home-made Christmas cards and decorations.

Then J took the girls to play upstairs and I got to watch Strictly, uninterrupted!


He certainly does his bit at the weekends, allowing me to sort my head out and get jobs done.  I’m not very good at ‘me’ time unfortunately: if I try and relax I start to feel guilty about all the things I could/should be doing.  At the moment I’m still very excited about all things ‘home education’ so I’m managing fine but I think I’ll have to start forcing myself to have a break when things have calmed down a little (when will this be?!).

I’m reading Ross Mountney’s ‘A Funny Kind of Education’ at the moment and she has just mentioned feeling almost guilty for enjoying home education so much.  Me too!  I feel a bit ridiculously happy about spending all my time with the girls (never thought I would say that, but then they are SO different now they’re not at school); planning and researching in spare minutes; and writing this blog in snatched moments.  Most days (though definitely not all) we’re all saying ‘awww’ about bedtime as it seems like there’s always so much more to do.

Sunday was even more chilled, J wasn’t his usual crazy-self and chose to spend the afternoon in.  I put Parent-Trap on for the girls (the Lindsey Lohan version, not the Hayley Mills one).  It was a bit old for D but M loved it and immediately wanted to watch it again.  I’m beginning to realise that M likes romantic films and always comments on the characters who are kind.  J put together a world map with D while I sewed the girls’ gloves onto their coats.

J took D to bed and I had the idea of watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with M as we are now on the 3rd Harry Potter book and she absolutely loves them.  It was lovely just sitting with M under a blanket and properly enjoying something together (I am usually bored out of my mind watching Tinkerbell for the 1,000,000th time).  At one point she turned to look at me and just beamed :).  We only managed half the film before it got really late so we’re going to watch the second half tonight after D’s gone to bed.

Today has been a lovely, leisurely day: we got most of the girls’ lists done and there’s been lots of playing and cooking too.  For Maths, I wrote a list of family members with their favourite colours, from which M had to create a tally and bar chart.  It was her first one and she absolutely loved it, as I knew she would :).

D has been in a playing mood today, I have lost count of the number of times she has said ‘Mum? Betend [pretend] you’re a…/Mum? Betend you saw…/Mum? Betend I was a… At 6am this morning, a little whispered voice said ‘Mum, can we make cakes with Smarties on the top?’.  So that’s what we did this afternoon.  The girls are getting better and better at baking, I’m trying to drum in a bit of the science behind it as we go along and get them measuring all the ingredients.


We had a few ‘learning without seeming to’ moments today: D is learning to count beyond 100 (nothing to do with me, it’s all self motivated) and decided she’d do this much better while running round and round a table; and both the girls made a ‘boat’ on the lounge floor just before bed and planned their way around using the globe :).


Little things: M asked me if you had to marry someone once you’ve kissed them.  I was tempted to say yes, haha.


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