Tornadoes and Marble Runs

Well, our lists are working well so far though I have to say we’re not sticking rigidly to them.  It seems to work better for D to spend alternate days doing Reading Eggs and Maths, rather than pushing her to do both.  She’s so bright it’s very easy to forget she’s only 4.5!  Also, because of M being 2 years older she kind of gets swept along in the things I want to teach M.  So far, she’s loved the projects we’ve done but I just need to remind myself that if she was at school right now she’d probably be colouring in for most of the day.

Saying that, she willingly sat down to do some Mathletics today (very unusual behaviour) and I realised that she’s almost finished the ‘Reception’ level?!  Today’s activities were about 2D and 3D shapes and recognising missing shapes in patterns.  All rather too easy for D but I let her get on with it as she loves shapes.  I think I’ll get her doing some tessellating patterns or making 3D shapes tomorrow to turn the lesson into something a bit more creative and fun.


D also sat down happily to write in her ‘Get Ready for School’ wipe clean book.  M, on the other hand, wasn’t really interested in Mathletics today: she tentatively asked what I would do if she refused to do what was on her list, haha.  I replied that I wouldn’t mind if I could see that she really wasn’t in the mood for it, but that I might feel differently if she rudely refused to do it.  That gave her food for thought.  She did manage 15 minutes of Mathletics but was seriously uninterested, fiddled around with some pipe cleaners and made herself a pair of glasses instead!


Then I had to prise the sausages out of the house to go to the dry cleaners to collect our duvet that had been puked on last week.  It was bitterly cold but gorgeously sunny and the girls (though grumbling at first) seemed to enjoy the little walk.

When we got back we had a snack and then I asked the girls if they would like to help me make Bolognese for dinner.  I couldn’t quite believe the response!  They keenly peeled my onions, garlic, carrots and mushrooms; washed and chopped the celery; eagerly ran outside to pick bay leaves and then helped me to whizz it all up in the food processor.  I didn’t know Bolognese could be so exciting.


For some reason, D had got it into her head that she wanted to make a hedgehog, so once the Bolognese was under way, I cut her out some felt pieces and she stuck them together to make a little hedgehog.


Then the girls watched a bit of telly before getting on with our science project, which is all about weather.  I was going to read some more from our new weather book but they were both looking a bit worn out so I asked them to do a bit of drawing and colouring for their lapbooks instead.  They happily obliged!  Then I had an idea to show them clips on BBC News of the latest tornado in Illinois which they were keenly interested in, which led onto watching a clip of the tornado in The Wizard of Oz.

I could tell at this point that their brains were full and they were starting to droop so we snuggled under a blanket on the sofa and I read a Rainbow Fairy book to them.  How lovely that we can take a break whenever we please!  D then watched Numberjacks on telly while M made Daddy a card.


In some ways the days seem to go on and on in HE but in other ways there seems to be so much to do the days aren’t long enough!

After dinner the girls watched Topsy & Tim on CBeebies – today was about them making a marble run and I could see M beaming because they made one out of junk modelling which ran all the way down the stairs and joined onto their toy marble run at the bottom.  I suggested we have a go at making one and the girls readily agreed!


We didn’t get it finished but hopefully we will tomorrow and I’ll post a picture of it.

Little things: I love that the girls sit by the window at breakfast time, commenting on what’s going on outside: this morning M noticed it wasn’t very windy and then D said excitedly ‘Dad, look!  The sun is rising in the east!’


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